Best Of Burque 2019: Night Life

Best Casino

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Listen, if you are craving some Vegas-style action close to home that’s possessed of that same worldly feel that your folks used to get when they’d take the Cessna parked at the Coronado Airport up to Caesars Palace in the good old days, then have I got a sure bet for you. It’s called Sandia Resort & Casino and boy, oh boy, does it rock. Approach this veritable palace from the North, and you’ll think you’ve just spied one of the fabled golden temples of Cibola. In fact this five-star resort features a snazzy, extensive casino, an amphitheater that hosts top live entertainment plus a luxury hotel with all the fixings (Can you say all you can eat?!). With gaming options that range from slots to craps to baccarat, you can’t really lose, can you?

2) Isleta Resort & Casino

3) Santa Ana Star Casino Hotel

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Bar Staff

Any bar staff that lets dogs hang out and chill automatically wins. Who doesn’t love a good beer while petting dogs? Tractor Brewing Company has always been down to earth and the ideal of Albuquerque lifestyle: laid back and welcoming. Being voted Best Bar Staff is no joke, considering the number of bars and breweries available in the city. But considering the range of events they hold and host, and how varied that can make the clientele, they have an adaptive staff that meshes well with anyone and offers consistently amazing service. Cheers, Tractor!

2) Sister Bar

3) The Copper Lounge

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Dive Bar

Sister, a rock club located smack in the middle of a hustling and bustling Downtown scene has been selected by Alibi readers as the winner of this year’s “Best Dive Bar” category. Hardly a dive and in fact a true representative and supporter of Burque’s music culture—as well as a nexus for all that is hip and young and draped in luxurious cocktails and chirpy video-games galore—Sister has a dark velvet feel and a smoky attitude that allows citizens of all stripes to dive right into the soul of the city.

2) Anodyne

3) Carraro’s / Joe’s Place

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Sports Bar

How can you go wrong with big screen TVs, tons of seating, a varied menu of tasty treats and a killer cocktail menu? Sip a Jalapeño Margarita, a Vanilla Gimlet or any number of specialty beers while you kick your best buddy’s butt at ping pong or shuffleboard. The high ceilings and sleek modern décor are a classy and welcome alternative to your typical sports bar, and the joint opens at 11am on weekends if you like to get a head start on your R&R. With six bars and a great crowd, you’ll dig The Salt Yard whether you care to catch the game or not.

2) Uptown Sports Bar

3) Brixens

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Rooftop Bar

Here’s the situation: your Tinder has been real quiet lately, and you need a picture that screams “culture, class, sophistication.” The only problem is that you live in Albuquerque. In comes Apothecary Lounge with a gorgeous outdoor patio that overlooks the city and is paired with high-end beautiful cocktails. Lean against the railing, hold your drink casually at your side, the sparkling lights of the city as your backdrop and snap! You’ve got a taste of the high life right in the middle of Albuquerque while those right-swipes roll on in. Apothecary Lounge is the go-to rooftop bar in the city, and it looks like our readers agree.

2) Ibiza / Hotel Andaluz

3) Marble Brewery

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Bar To Shoot Pool

Human beings have been shooting pool and hanging out at Anodyne for a millions years, homes, since dudes with Northern names like Clarence and Alex crowded the bar with tattoos by J.B. Jones and drinks by an infinite number of beautiful people came floating by on the backs of dinosaurs—while their jukebox, cigarette machine, books and deep-red velour pool tables presented evidence of another world where fun was king and informed geometries illustrated by little colored balls were queen. Whatever, this place is the ultimate hang out en El Duque; it’s too cool for school, right, Roman?

2) Slate Street Billards

3) Carraro’s & Joe’s Place

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Bar For Dancing

For those of you who just don’t know, here’s a brief definition of dancing: to rhythmically move the body and feet to the accompaniment of music. Apparently the best place to do that—besides every minute of waking life, for some of us—is Effex Nightclub and whilst there, indulge their amazingly alluring (and dang loud) sound system as well as whatever artist is currently jacked into said electronic apparatus. Crank up the bass, y’all. I can feel the urge about to strike, and our readers can’t be wrong about this one: Effex truly is the Best Bar for Dancing!

2) The Dirty Bourbon

3) Sister Bar

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Gay Bar

With weekly drag shows, amazing guest DJs, goth night and more rooms of nightly music than one can reasonably drink their way through, Effex offers some of the city’s best and most accessible entertainment. Though billed as an LGTBQ club, everyone is welcome. Lines tend to be out the door and at times, around the block, to get into the multilevel club. The annual climax at Effex is always the massive Pride celebration in June, so bring a group to the club this summer or any time, and get your rainbow on.

2) Albuquerque Social Club

3) Sidewinders Ranch

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Rock Bar

A fixture of Burque’s club scene for more than 25 years, Launchpad is still the Number One rock venue in the city. Owner/promoter Joe Anderson has done so dang much to keep the scene here alive and kicking that we could devote a whole issue to that fact; many of the shows at this space- and rocketship-themed venue speak to that totally awesome task. From Stereolab and Melvins to the lastest in Cali pop-punk and artsy left-field rap, this is the place to get your groove on when you wanna rawk in The Duke City.

2) Sister Bar

3) Rock and Brews

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Cocktails

If there was ever a place in the University area deserving of the title “glow-up,” The Copper Lounge is that place. Going from a sports dive bar to just shy of “too fancy for me to just walk in,” The Copper Lounge is one of my favorite go-to spots for a nice night out. With meticulously well-crafted cocktails and a gorgeous interior, all while staying affordable, it’s not a question why The Copper Lounge snagged first place in Best of Burque for Best Cocktails. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve made myself thirsty.

2) Sister Bar

3) High Noon Restaurant & Saloon

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Wine Bar

New Mexicans are no strangers to wine, so it’s a high honor to take home the title of Best Wine Bar. St. Clair Winery & Bistro offers such a wide range of wines and meals that you’ll never run out of new pairing options. On top of all that, the wine is just amazing. You’ll struggle to find a style of wine you enjoy that they offer that doesn’t suite your palate. St. Clair Winery & Bistro holds this spot with style.

2) Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro

3) Wine.Dive.

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Brewpub

It’s hard to imagine the craft beer scene without the influence of Marble. With so many locations and a history of interesting beers, it makes sense to see Marble Brewery here. There’s probably no one in this city who drinks that hasn’t had the Marble Red or Double White as some point, and for good reason. Marble doesn’t just make good craft beer; they make excellent craft beer and have a strong hold on the market for it. This is something that our readers showed in one of our fiercest competitions for first in a category, because let’s be real, New Mexicans love our craft beer almost as much as we love our green chile.

2) Tractor Brewing Company

3) TIE: La Cumbre Brewing Co/Steel Bender Brewyard

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