Best Of Burque 2019: Pets

Best Place To Board Your Pet

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There’s a place in Albuquerque called Canine Country Club & Feline Inn. It’s designed to make sure that your trip away from home is untroubled by the ongoing and glorious lives of your pets, who can spend your away time in a relatively luxurious and nurturing setting, safe and happy, well fed and exercised even as you conquer the world, city by city and client by client. The top-notch care includes onsite veterinarians, specialized playtime, plenty of walkies and food that’s good enough for Fido’s human half. Cats dig the place too; some say it’s the aroma of catnip and reggae music in the air at this funky resort.

2) Camp Bow Wow Albuquerque

3) Bolton Animal Hospital

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Pet Rescue Group

With so much trouble in the world, we can only hope that the wonderful animals we share this Earth with are taken care of and welcomed into sometimes difficult human-centered world. With Animal Humane of New Mexico at the helm of such efforts, citizens can rest easy knowing that the homeless pet and shelter animals in this town have some resources. This essential organization provides shelter, education, veterinary services and a host of other pet-related perks to citizens throughout the metropolitan area.

2) Watermelon Mountain Ranch

3) Bridges to Home

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Nonprofit For Animals

Animal Humane
Besides being the winner of the Best Rescue Group category, Animal Humane of New Mexico is also the award winner in the wider Best Nonprofit for Animals category, meaning that this wonderful organization completes its essential societal tasks without becoming burdened by profit. The money that this group makes goes right back into a system that is designed to save lives and to make lives more livable here in the bright sunshine of the Chihuahuan Desert.

2) Watermelon Mountain Ranch

3) FAT Katz

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Veterinary Clinic

TLC Pet Hospital in Uptown has been voted Number One by Alibi readers who like their animal companions treated just like people. With a combination of fear-free care and expert medical practices, TLC serves local clients and patients in ways that develop trust and promote health. With a staff of seven highly trained, up-to-date doctors and an amazing support staff plus an in-clinic supply store, TLC has just what your pet dog or cat needs to thrive in Albuquerque.

2) Petroglyph Animal Hospital

3) Aztec Animal Clinic

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Pet Supply Shop

There are two very convenient locations to shop at Burque’s Best Pet Supply Shop, longtime local business Clark’s Pet Emporium. No matter which location you choose, you and your furry loved ones will be treated to superior customer service, expert advice and a wide selection of the best pet products available on this side of the Rio Grande. Not only that, but the staff of Clark’s are well known around town for their jovial, eager user-friendly outlooks and affinity for all animals, things that make buying from this shop even more satisfying.

2) Boofy’s Best for Pets

3) Long Leash On Life
Animal Humane

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