Best Of Burque Music 2017 Introduction

You Voted, We Published, Everyone Rocked!

August March
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2017 Best of Burque Music Reader Choice Awards
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This year while I sat at my desk drinking Faygo Moon Mist, beseeching the ghost of Michael Henningsen for guidance and looking for Bandcamp entries about the artists, performers, bands that won this year’s Weekly Alibi Best of Burque Music Reader’s Poll, it occurred to me that the music community in these parts is both vast and diverse.

And when my boss asked me if I wanted to write this year’s feature about the poll, well damn did I get excited about that helluva huge old scene.

This year’s winners reflect Burque’s multicultural, multi-modal and multi-motherfucking-rocking approach to music. They’re vibrant, highly variable and each utter a vision that often has roots in traditional practices yet embraces experimentalism and the surrounding environment (the high desert, it turns out is a helluva muse) with mystery and mastery.

So take a look at the pages that follow and marvel at the music all around us. After you’ve reconciled yourself with our rapturous results, do the city a solid and come on down to our soon-to-be legendary
Best of Burque Music Showcase on Saturday, March 11. It’ll be happening right in the middle of Downtown, on Central. It’s the deal where, for just one Jackson, local listeners can have access to seven venues filled to the rafters with that awesome, locally-based cultural expressionism I went on about in the second paragraph.

Plus, like I’ve been saying all along, in a world of mutual isolation and interwebz-influenced hyper-reality, the whole shebang represents an unique opportunity to have IRL intersections with a plethora of persons, proclivities and persuasions who like to play. That’s the essence of this city and therefore, the essence of this feature.
2017 Best of Burque Music Reader Choice Awards

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