Best Of Burque Music 2017: Miss Congeniality

Best Stage Presence/Live Act

August March
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Miss Congeniality
(Courtesy of the artist)
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The reason The Big Spank won as the Best Band of All Time is directly related to their live act. With apparently and awesomely choreographed moves, a killer light show, blaring horns and thundering drums, instrumental gymnsastics and a level of audience interaction that veers from crazy chaos to sublime control, The Big Spank is memorable live and on stage. When bandmates Mike, Benito, Chris, Bert and Retzen rear back and launch into “Velvet Cheeks,” anything is possible. If you only get to see one band at this year’s showcase, make sure and check out The Big Spank’s set at Burts, it will be damn good.

2) Red Light Cameras

3) Prism Bitch

Best Of Burque Music 2017 Best Band We Wish Was Still Together

Left Unsaid was a punk rock band that featured Jeremy Dutra on drums, Hunter Ashton singing and playing lead guitar, Eric Garay on bass and Mario Rivera on rhythm guitar. Active from the late ‘90s until about 2006, the band specialized in a brand of melodic pop-punk that recalled the So-Cal, OC influences the quartet wore on their sleeves. Recommended album: 3 Degrees. Highly recommended tracks from therein: “Cardiff,” “Caligirl” and “I Forgot.” What ever happened to these dudes? I dunno, I’m afraid to do the research. Still, this, The Shins and the Ant Farmers and October People were what this whole scene was about 20 years ago. Rock on, Ashton, rock on, Mario.

2) Scared of Chaka

Best Of Burque Music 2017 Band Most Deserving Of A Major Record Deal

All hail the Red Light Cameras! They are the best (well, after the Big Spank, don’t ya know) and they deserve it all, including a suave record deal with a major label like Columbia or Def Jam. Amanda Machon will get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Bassist Barney Lopez will be remembered as a man after Macca’s own temperament. Anywho, I’m pretty sure that’s what Alibi readers were thinking of with regards to this, the ultimate category in our popular music survey. And with no red lights visible and the way to the horizon clear and resonant, this Burque band might just make it after all.

2) Merican Slang

3) Russian Girlfriends

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