Best Of Burque Music 2018: Best Recording

August March
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When it comes down to it, making records forms the core efforts of many an artist or ensemble engaged in the music business. Live shows rock, but their intrinsically emphemal nature makes documentation the ultimate source for audience reaction. Debut albums are always a big deal; if a band gets around to a sophomore effort, it’s likely because the first one stirred up so much dust around Dirt City that those at the helm had no choice but to keep on pleasing the packs of people that dig music and can’t wait to press the play button again and again, while their favorite sounds spin round and round forever in their heads, if not their playback devices.

Best Of Burque Music 2018 Best Album

If you haven’t heard RoadKill by Moonshine Blind, now is your chance. Featuring tuneage that ranges from insta-classics like the deliciously derivative “Melon Mountain Breakdown” to the plaintive, sometimes playful “Fuck You Die,” this here is the album Alibi readers could not do without, whiskey or no whiskey, heartache be damned.

2) Golden by The Talking Hours

Perchance to Dream by James Whiton

Best Of Burque Music 2018 Best Single

It follows then, that the best single of the year, as determined by our dedicated and musically inclined reader base is the first single from the very album mentioned above. This track has it all: anticipatory beat-counting at the beginning, roaring harmonica, Southern-style banjo strumming and a chorus that prays for instant death but will settle for some peace and quiet with the occassional cricket buzzing along in the backgound.

2) “These Vibes” by The Riddims

3) "Let You Go" by Delphia
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