Best Of Burque Music 2018: Editor's Choice

Listening To Radio Free August March

August March
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BOBM EditorÕs Choice 2018
Prism Bitch (Courtesy of the artist)
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Given the cray but verifiable directionality of this year’s Best of Burque Music Reader’s poll, I found my agency and authority of Music Editor—and all who’ve held the position post-Henningsen, from the estimable Laura Marrich through my wonderful wife, Samantha Carrillo have benefited the community with their individual voices—was an important addition to the dialogue that commences with the announcement of winners.

We’ve all got our own opinions after all, but perhaps a human unit that’s been following the local scene since childhood (I used to watch the “Val De la O Show” religiously,
carnales!); has bona fides in the music community (Artemus Edwards was indeed my boss at the UNM Department of Music, sabes?); and can play the piano rather well (but hardly ever practices) should have a say with regards to what is considered the best, musically, in this dry as dust but beloved burg.

That said, here’s what I was thinking when the Best of Burque Music poll came down the pike like a sodden beast expecting a beach towel for both comfort and affirmation. I gave it a bottle of Faygo Moomist, a Copy of
Not Available by The Residents and a half-gram indica pre-roll instead, in case you are wondering.

Best Of Burque Music 2018 Editor's Choice

Best of the Best

Best Band of All Time: Leeches of Lore

Best Band of 2017: Sundog and The Timewreckers (Tie)

Best Musician of 2017: Ashley Floyd

Best Performance of 2017: NiteKidz

Best Stage Presence/Live Act: Rock Jong Il

Best Band We Wish Was Still Together: Leeches of Lore

Band Most Deserving of a Record Deal: Russian Girlfriends

Best Recording

Best Album: Perchance to Dream by James Whiton

Best Single: “Golden” by The Talking Hours

Ensembles and Artists

Best Rock Band: SuperGiant

Best Punk Band: Get Action!

Best Metal Band: Suspended

Best Pop Band: Red Light Cameras

Best Jazz Band: Entourage

Best Latin Band: Nosotros

Best Reggae/Ska Band: The Big Spank

Best World Band: ¡Revíva!

Best Country-Western Band: Gunsafe

Best Blues Band/Artist: Hillary Smith

Best Folk/Americana Band/Artist: The Porter Draw

Best Hip-Hop Artist: Wake Self

Best Rockabilly Band: Moonshine Blind

Best Electronic Artist: REIGHNBEAU

Best DJ: DJ Leftovers

Best Cover Band: Pink Freud

Best Experimental/Avant-garde: ICUMDRUMS

Individual Performers

Best Songwriter: Adam Hooks

Best Composer: Raven Chacon

Best Guitarist: Amanda Castillo

Best Bassist: Artha Meadors

Best Drummer/Percussionist: Sasha Horn

Best keyboard/pianist: Noah Wolters

Best String Player: James Whiton and Emily Anslover

Best Saxophone Player: Lee Taylor

Best Trumpet Player: Bobby Shew

Best Other Instrumentalist: Skyler Loving

Best Female Vocalist: Lilah Rose

Best Male Vocalist: Adam Hooks

Around Town

Best Party Band: Prism Bitch

Best Wedding Band: Black Unicorn

Best Karaoke Singer: Jeremy Keith

Best Venue: Sister

Best Recording Studio: Push Drive Studios

Best Music Store: Mecca Music & Books

Best Instrument Store: GuitarVista

Best Recording Engineer/Producer: Manny Rettinger

Best Radio Station for Local Music: KUNM

Best Label: Orange Whip Records

Best Music Teacher: Monica Demarco
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