Best Of Burque Music: We Are All Winners Now

Bobm 2019 Results Show Diversity, Depth And Dedication

August March
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Best of Burque Music
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Welcome to this year’s edition of Weekly Alibi’s Best of Burque Music Readers Poll Awards!

It’s been a totally awesome year, dudes, with more people than ever participating in our yearly vote to find the best in music that this city has to offer. Check out these stats: 3,293 folks participated, there were 5,420 nominations made and 30,043 votes were tallied.

At the end of the race, it was clear that music rules this town and this year, the rock, jazz, art music, Latinx, Americana, electronica, and hip-hop communities—as well as many others, although we didn’t hear much from many ukulele enthusiasts, dang it—came together, creating a wide-ranging spread that you all can check out for realz when we present our
Best of Burque Music Showcase this weekend, March 30 in downtown Albuquerque starting at 6:30pm.

The only thing we’ll add to these joyful and fun to read results is a couple of noteworthy entries from our “Best of Anything We Forgot” category. This is the last year for said voluminously vague data point but we appreciate knowing that readers very much dig the
New Mexico Philharmonic (Best Symphonic Music), think highly of School of Rock Albuquerque (Best Music School) and think Ashley Floyd is the sexiest rocker in The Duke City.

Rock on, Burqueños, rock on.
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