Best Of Burque Restaurants 2015

Ty Bannerman
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Best of Burque Restaurants
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Albuquerque loves to eat. More to the point, we love to eat well. How else to explain the copious number of excellent restaurants that our beloved city boasts? And how else to explain how that list grows, year after year? From sumptuous Southwestern cuisine to to Continental cafés to BBQ that rivals anything that the Deep South has to offer, our city keeps pace with almost any other American urban center when it comes to dining options.

Our readers, I’m happy to say, are a particularly savvy bunch who know how to appreciate fine food. That’s why every single year we put them in charge of telling us about the very best of the best in Albuquerque restaurants. We had a great response to our online ballot for this year’s Best of Burque Restaurants survey, and any eatery that appears in these pages should be truly proud of their accomplishment. As always, the survey results cover a lot of ground—old favorites that have retained their crown for nearly a decade are joined by brand new restaurants that are making a major splash on the scene; brick-and-mortar diners sit side-by-side with food trucks; quaint bistros share the stage with brewpubs. The only thing uniting all of these categories is that each one of them highlights incredible food and our readers love them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get some lunch. For some reason, I’m starving.
Best of Burque Restaurants 2015

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