Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017: Dine In, Speak Out

Dine In, Speak Out

Robin Babb
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Each year we ask you, the good citizens of the 505, what the best restaurants and dishes in town are. Each year y’all tell us where and what we should be eating. You might say that this is something like asking you to do our jobs for us. But we say it’s truly community-minded journalism.

Although many of these winners are the same as last year (and the year before, and the year before that), we also get some newcomers and dark horses that surprise us every time. On the unsurprising side, Sister Bar made off with a whole boatload of wins, Sadie’s makes great chips and salsa, and readers are torn whether Frontier or Golden Pride has better breakfast burritos. (They’re the same company, people.)

We appreciate the time that y’all took to vote in this year’s Best of Burque Restaurants poll, and we hope that the results will help you figure out where you’ll be dining next in our fair city. We know our staff will be referencing this issue for all our gastronomical needs—at least until next year’s comes out.

Editor’s note: Categories that did not have enough votes or that featured four-, five- or six-way ties were trimmed or eliminated. Next time, get your friends to vote as well!
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