Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017: Global Cuisine

Best Greek/Mediterranean

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Global Cuisine
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Yanni’s and Lemoni Bar and Grill holds their Best of Burque Restaurants "Best Greek/Mediterranean" title for another year. Located in Nob Hill, Yanni’s offers a mix of traditional Greek and some contemporary new American cuisine. Try the saganaki, stuffed acorn squash or kotopoulo. (NT)

2) Olympia Cafe

3) Zorba’s Fine Greek Cuisine

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Middle Eastern

"Best Middle Eastern" winner since 2011 (and tied for the place in 2010), Sahara Middle Eastern Eatery has been our reader’s favorite place for middle eastern cuisine for the last six years. Winners gonna win. While you’re there check out the Greek salad, humus and falafel. (NT)

2) San Pedro Middle East Grocery & Restaurant

3) Anatolia Turkish & Mediterranean Grill

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Italian

Perennial winner or top three finisher, Trombino’s Bistro Italiano, once again wins "Best Italian"—and for the second consecutive year. The rustically charming heights restaurant specializes in family-style Italian dining. Don’t miss their homemade meatballs or prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, but especially the meatballs. (NT)

2) Scalo Northern Italian Grill

3) Joe’s Pasta House

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best French

P’tit Louis Bistro adds another "Best French" title to their already healthy stack of victories. Ah, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, no? Readers love this Nob Hill bistro for, among many things, their paté, duck confit and fresh oysters. (NT)

2) Tie: La Crêpe Michel/la Quiche Parisienne Bistro

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Vietnamese

Viet Taste takes home another "Best Vietnamese" award. Reportedly, their sauces are so delicious if there were such a thing as a pho curry, they would be the best at that, too. With a menu that pleases palates from delicate to daring, recommendations would be too numerous to list. (NT)

2) Huong Thao Vietnamese Cuisine

3) Tie: May Cafe/Basil Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Thai

There’s so much good Thai food in this city it’s obscene. What, you haven’t had the pad woon zen at Thai Vegan? Or the green curry at Orchid Thai? We honestly pity you. With all the good options, it’s hard to go wrong at any Thai place in the 505. That said, these were y’all’s favorites. And who would we be to disagree with your excellent taste? (RB)

2) Thai Vegan

3) Jasmine Thai & Sushi House

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Chinese

It takes some a people while to figure out that good Chinese food isn’t just some fried stuff covered in sweet and sour sauce. Like, you’re not likely to find quality Chinese food in a mall food court, y’know? But there are plenty of places to find it in Albuquerque. At Budai, for instance, you can get steamed pork buns that will really raise your bar for what steamed pork buns are supposed to be. Oh, and don’t forget to ask for the secret menu. (RB)

2) Chopstix

3) Kai’s Chinese Restaurant

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best East Indian

We like to go to Taj Mahal’s lunch buffet when we’re having a bad day and just need to eat a metric ton of saag paneer without feeling super judged about it. Everything on their menu is so good, and you can bring all your vegan and gluten free friends there without fear. Next time you’re there, look for us downing our eighth cup of chai in the downstairs section, holding court over a mountain of empty plates. (RB)

2) Namaste Cuisine of India and Nepal Restaurant/Taaj Palace

3) Curry Leaf

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Japanese

While it makes sense to be wary of the whole eating seafood in the desert thing, you learn to not be too pretentious after a trip to Japanese Kitchen Steakhouse & Sushi Bar. This is a great place to try some new things (like a sake cocktail or some yellowfin sashimi) or to just order a steak and eat like a king. (RB)

2) Magokoro

3) Azuma Sushi & Teppan

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Mexican

Competition is tough for best Mexican food in a place that, you know, has Mexico in the name. But y’all unequivocally voted Los Cuates the winner in this category, and how could you not? When you want a plate of carnitas tacos or fajitas swimming in cheese and still sizzling, you cannot go wrong with this place. (RB)

2) Padilla’s Mexican Kitchen/Garcia’s Kitchen

3) Taquería Mexico

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Southern Food

Sometimes you have a rough night and you just need some chicken and waffles to make your morning bearable. Or else you’re feeling nostalgic for home, and some fried catfish and gumbo is the only thing that can cure what ails you. Either way, Nexus Brewery is a great place to get any/all of those things. (RB)

2) Frank’s Famous Chicken & Waffles/Ragin’ Shrimp

3) Peppers Ole’ Fashion BBQ

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Most Wanted Ethnic Cuisine That's Not In Albuquerque

Oh my gosh y’all, we seriously don’t have any Ethiopian restaurants in town? That’s like, kind of a travesty. You know you want to eat that spongy injera bread with every damn meal. Plus, those vinegary lentils are the most soul-warming thing on a chilly day. Let’s ask the universe to make this happen, alright? (RB)

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Pho

We know there’s a little bit of pho frenzy going on in our country—Americans love a good, Instagrammable ethnic food—but there’s pretty good reason to get excited about all the good pho we have in Albuquerque. If you want the best of the best, head to Pho #1 Vietnamese and get a fragrant, steamy bowl and a salty lemonade. Seriously. You’ll like it more than you think. (RB)

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Sushi

We don’t really understand why raw fish on top of rice should taste so good, but it sure does. Sushi King does a really good job of putting raw fish on top of rice, and of making all sorts of delicious specialty rolls, too. Be adventurous and go for the eel sashimi, or get a tempura roll—either way, you’ll be in for a treat at this little Downtown eatery. (RB)

2) Crazy Fish

3) Shogun Japanese Restaurant

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Noodles (Asian)

Best Noodles (Asian): Asian Noodle Bar

Go to Asian Noodle Bar when you want to feed yourself for a couple days off of leftovers. This place is not only delicious, but the portions are huge—and not obscenely expensive, either. And you can really get every type of Asian noodle, too: pho or pad thai or lo mein or soba. A great reason for you to keep coming back. (RB)

2) O Ramen And Curry House

3) Magokoro

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Falafel

With all of the mediocre falafel in the world, it seems especially important to note when you come across falafel that’s notably good. Sahara Middle Eastern Eatery and San Pedro Mart both deserve a tip of the hat according to the good people of Albuquerque. Do yourself a favor and get you some crispy chickpea goodness. (RB)

2) San Pedro Middle Eastern Grocery & Restaurant

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Gyros

You know it’s a good gyro if you end up wearing half of it after you’re done eating. Gyros Mediterranean and Olympia Cafe both serve up some gyros worthy of the dirty laundry they create, so grab some napkins and dig in. (RB)

2) Olympia Cafe

3) Sahara Middle Eastern Eatery/San Pedro Middle East Grocery & Restaurant

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Tapas

When you want to eat a bunch but feel kind of dainty about it, tapas is the answer. Y’all couldn’t decide if Cellar or Gecko’s had the best tapas in town, so we recommend you try out both. As is Spanish tradition, you should get a bottle of wine and slowly eat your way through the whole tapas menu over an evening. It’s about the experience, y’know? (RB)

3) Más – Tapas Y Vino

Best Noodles (Asian): Asian Noodle Bar

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