Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017: Vegetarian Cuisine

Best Vegetarian Food

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Best Vegan Food: Thai Vegan
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With “vegetarian” right there in the name—how could Annapurna’s not place in this category, as they frequently do? Those who abstain from meat will rejoice to walk into a restaurant where everything on the menu is fair game. The cozy spot on the corner of Silver and Yale serves up a long list of Ayurvedic Indian dishes, as well as American fare. Pair your dish with a cup of their famous housemade chai (even better, go during chai happy hour for a discount) and cozy up at a colorfully painted table. Annapurna’s is the perfect spot to study, read or catch up—and you can do it all over delicious, meat-free foods. (MG)

2) Thai Vegan

3) Vinaigrette

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Vegan Dessert

Some of us are vegan. And some of us love dessert. And, from where we’re sitting, Thai Vegan is a shoe-in in this category. Maybe you don’t head here just to order a dish of coconut ice cream (and specially request chocolate chips on top)—but it would be totally reasonable if you did. And you don’t even have to stick to anything as basic as ice cream—Thai Vegan serves banana chocolate chip rolls (we can attest, these are really good), sweet rices with mango or banana and taro, and sweet, exotic fruits like lychee and rambutan. We’ve never had a bad dessert, but we have had a number of especially good ones—and Thai Vegan has served up a few of those memorable dishes. (MG)

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Vegan “Meat”

If the distinction of having won the “Best Vegan Restaurant” category didn’t cue you in to the quality of the cruelty-free “meat” at Thai Vegan, then the fact that they won this category too probably will. Thai Vegan will serve you their vegan meat in all shapes and seasoned in dozens of ways. Their menu includes soy fish, soy shrimp, soy pepper steak and even soy chicken nuggets. All soy, and all good. (MG)

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Restaurant For Vegetarians And Carinvores To Co-Exist

While I’ve never had a problem sitting down to a meal with eaters of any predilection, breaking bread certainly comes a lot easier when there are viable options on the menu for all parties involved. God bless both Flying Star and Sister Bar for making choosing a restaurant easy when everyone’s hungry and you’ve got dietary restrictions in the mix. These two not only offer options for meat-eaters and vegetarians, but they are offer really good ones. (MG)

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Vegan Food

Best Vegan Food: Thai Vegan

No meat, no milk, no eggs, no animal products—to the uninitiated, that seems like a difficult dinner to swing. Not only will this restaurant (with locations in Nob Hill, the Northeast Heights and Santa Fe) prove to be revelatory for those not in the know, but your incredulous friends will be surprised by just how good it is. Particularly for fans of Thai food—Thai Vegan is the spot to sit down to curries, delicious soups, papaya salad, pad thai and any other foods you’ve been staring out of your office window dreaming about. (MG)

2) Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe

3) Vibrance

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2017 Best Veggie Burger

There is a whole section of B2B’s extensive burger menu that falls under the headline “Savory Meatless Madness.” If that’s not promising for lovers of the veggie burger, we don’t know what is. At this Nob Hill eatery, there is not one, but eight different varieties of veggie burger available—and you always have the option to build your own burger with any of the dozens of toppings the chefs at B2B can expertly prepare for you. Meaning, the possibilities are endless and the veg-friendly options don’t really stop with the main course. All these elements combine to make B2B perfect for veggie burgers and a whole lot more. (MG)

2) Flying Star Cafe

3) Grassburger
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