Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018: Miscellany

Spiciest Food

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How can your really argue? Having already nailed down this year’s accolades for Best Red Chile and Best Green Chile, what other choice could there be? From the chile con queso appetizer to the side of papitas con chile to the spicy carne adovada ribs, Sadie’s loves to torture your tongue with that sweet heat (be it red or green). Cool off with some dessert nachos and come back for more, why don’t you? (D’OL)

2) Thai Cuisine II

3) Thai Tip

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Gluten-Free Dish

No salad-only options in sight at Tia B’s Waffleria. Gluten-free aficionados can enjoy three different batters and endless topping options. If you aren’t feeling creative, many menu options are already gluten-free like the pumpkin pie waffle or the waffle rancheros. Wipe that hangry tear away. It’s going to be okay now. (VS)

2) Brixens

3) Zacatecas Tacos + Tequila + Bourbon

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Food Truck

In the mood for some Cajun shrimp tacos? I bet you weren’t until we said “Cajun shrimp tacos.” Now they’re all you can think of. What are you waiting for? Hunt down Albuquerque’s most coveted mobile kitchen and get you some.Throw in a bit of seafood gumbo, some jambalaya and an authentic crawfish boil, and you’ve got yourself a Southern feast. Catch these blazin’ Cajuns at various festivals, events and brewpub parking lots around town. (D’OL)

2) Kimo’s Hawaiian BBQ

3) Street Food Institute

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Place To Take Out-Of-Town Guests

Wanna impress your big city relatives and give them a glimpse of authentic, only-in-Albuquerque style at the same time? This hidden spot in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque is guaranteed to wow them. Los Poblanos boasts a historic inn, a working farm and a gourmet restaurant. It’s quiet, tranquil and shows visitors what Albuquerque looked like a hundred years ago, when “organic farm-to-table food” was just, you know, “food.” (D’OL)

2) El Pinto Restaurant & Cantina

3) Brixens

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Bar Food

Sister does bar food right. Besides the top-voted tacos, Sister offers five different varieties of fries or tots, a loaded Frito pie, or if you’re in the mood for something lighter, try their beet and goat cheese salad. They also have an extensive brunch menu with unique cocktails to complement your meal. With plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians and those who are gluten-free, Sister has got your whole gang covered. (TG)

2) Brixens

3) Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Fine Dining

Another notch in the belt for Albuquerque’s best “casual fine dining.” Campo’s unique “Rio Grande Valley cuisine” relies on seasonal organic ingredients grown in their very own kitchen garden as well as longstanding relationships with local farmers and herdsmen. In 2013 Bon Appétit magazine named Campo Los Poblanos a “Top 10 Hotel for Food Lovers” and we’re not about to disagree. An omelet of herbed goat cheese, buratta, mushrooms and achiote charred vegetables for breakfast? A lamb agnolotti with piñon and sumac yogurt for dinner? A lavender chocolate rice pudding for dessert? We’d strain our credit card on that any day of the week! (D’OL)

2) Farm & Table

3) Artichoke Cafe

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Late Night Eating

Even though The Last Call is open during the day on weekdays, they really cater to the bar crowd with convenient Downtown and Nob Hill locations—and they stay open until 2:30am or later. Famous for their massive and filling burritos, The Last Call also serves tacos and loaded fries. They make their salsa in-house and fresh daily. Heck, they even butcher their own meat. So if you find yourself needing to soak up some of that alcohol after a night out, make your way to The Last Call. And try their carne asada fries; you won’t be disappointed. (TG)

2) Brixens

3) Owl Cafe

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Commitment To Local Ingredients

Nestled in a cramped-but-cozy old house on north Fourth, Farm & Table’s name is no marketing gimmick. That’s a real working farm behind the restaurant. It’s got nine acres of alfalfa and grass for the cows and two acres of produce. It’s got its own “farmer-in-residence” (Ric Murphy of Sol Harvest), and you can even purchase produce from an on-site farm stand in the summer months. Throw in F&T’s ever-changing menu and its frequent tasting events (“A Taste of Mexico: Amor y Sabor with Guest Chef Dr. Amelia Malagamba and Ehecatl Aztec Dancers” on Oct. 22) and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more authentic taste of Albuquerque. (D’OL)

2) The Acre

3) Campo at Los Poblanos

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Place For Adventurous Eaters

Jambo’s menu features dishes influenced by Indian, Arabic and European cuisine, all of which comprise the culinary flavors of Swahili fusion. Menu items featuring goat and lamb are offered, and traditional dishes give adventurous eaters the opportunity to sample flavors and spices they wouldn’t normally come across, let alone be inclined to cook with, and the plantains are to die for! (CM)

2) Budai Gourmet

3) Pars Cuisine

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best New Restaurant

After thriving in the Santa Fe location since 2009, Owner-Chef Ahmed Obo has brought his unique, top-notch café to the Duke City. Featuring cuisine he decribes as “African-Caribbean fusion,” this locale offers cheerful ethnic decor, and excellent dishes prepared mindfully and served by friendly and kind waitstaff. Take a vacation from the norm with dishes that would normally require a passport and a loooong plane ride in order to sample. (CM)

2) The Acre

3) Brixens

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Chef

At only 14-years-old, Chef Ahmed Obo began pursuing a career in the culinary arts while living off the coast of Kenya. He found an abandoned boat which he was able to restore over a period of three years. At 17, he started his first culinary business, using the boat to take tourists on fishing excursions and then preparing meals for them. In 2009, he opened the first Jambo Cafe on Cerrillos Road. Chef Ahmed’s passion is fervent, as he greets each and every patron and makes sure everyone is having an enjoyable experience. (CM)

2) Shawn Weed, The Acre

3) Jennifer James, Frenchish

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Decor

Enter the restaurant and be transported to the continent of Africa. With tribal art, hand-carved masks, drums and wicker lanterns, you will soon forget you’re stateside. Lighting is subdued and soothing, and there are lots of authentic global treasures to lay your eyes on. (CM)

2) The Acre

3) Vinaigrette

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Service

Chef Ahmed Obo has brought his popular African-Caribbean fusion restaurant to Albuquerque, and we can’t get enough. Taking home the top honors in several categories, our readers agree that Jambo Cafe has the best service in town. Friendly, attentive, prompt and knowledgeable staff, plus incredible food, what can’t Jambo Cafe do? (TG)

2) The Acre

3) Campo Restaurant

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Caterer

If you don’t know, Shark Reef Cafe is the restaurant inside our beloved ABQ BioPark Aquarium. It is one of the coolest places to enjoy a meal: picture watching tropical fish swim around, a puffer fish floating by, see a shark close enough you can count all their teeth, all in the comfort of a cozy restaurant. But if you can’t make it down to the aquarium to see for yourself, you can still get the delicious food they cook up there. That’s right, Shark Reef can cater any of your big (or small events). Not as magical as eating inside a giant fish tank, but the food holds up! (TG)

2) Rede to Cater

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best View While You Eat

There’s a reason that the North Valley’s Los Poblanos Ogranic Farm is a favorite destination for weddings; it’s simply gorgeous. The historic buildings, the blooming fields of lavender, the billowing cottonwood trees: Los Poblanos is the most beautiful “field-to-fork” dining experience in the city. Sitting in Campo’s modern-yet-rustic dining room, sipping on a hand-crafted artisan cocktail and peering out of the space’s generous windows at the kitchen gardens is what we can only imagine it’s like living inside one of Martha Stewart’s dreams. (D’OL)

2) Sandiago’s Grill at the Tram

3) Bien Shur

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Dog-Friendly Dining

Flying Star, a local favorite that started with humble Nob Hill beginnings in 1987, now has six locations scattered across the Duke City. Although dogs aren’t allowed inside the restaurant (due to health codes), several locations have outdoor “petios” where Fido can hang out, have some water and dog treats, while you enjoy our city’s notorious good weather and Flying Star’s equally as good menu. (TG)

2) Grassburger

3) Kellys Brew Pub
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