Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018: Sweet Stuff

Best Desserts

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Sweet Stuff
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We may dabble in drugs and sex, but our true vice will always be sugar. If you find yourself rushing through dinner to get to cake and ice cream, then you might be ready to advance to the next level. We here at Weekly Alibi advise hours of intense introspection and fasting before venturing into Eldora Chocolate. Preparation is key. You’ll be facing pounds of real chocolate made from natural organic ingredients and prepared with love. Expect to eat way too much. (JL)

2) Flying Star Cafe

3) Campo at Los Poblanos

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Chocolates

You’ve tried escaping its clutches—tried to withstand its siren call—but in the end you will always return to the rich, dark embrace of your chocolaty lover. A fedora and sunglasses won’t hide your shame as you slink back to Eldora Chocolate again and again to gorge on truffles and nibs. The good news: You aren’t the only one controlled by your love of the cocoa bean. The bad news: That means you have competition in a zero sum game. (JL)

2) ChocolateDude

3) Theobroma Chocolatier

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Doughnuts

Do you really need a doughnut but can’t be bothered to put pants on? Well you’re in luck because Rebel Donut will deliver doughnuts right to your door. As long as you purchase at least $20 minimum, which shouldn’t be too hard considering you can mix and match between classic, fancy and premium single doughnuts. Feeling adventurous? Try the apple green chile fritters or the red chile chocolate bacon doughnuts. Miss breakfast? Give the pancakes n’ bacon a whirl. There’s a fried dough for every fancy at Rebel Donut. (VS)

2) Bristol Doughnut Co.

3) Donut Mart


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Contrary to what the stylization of their name would suggest, Rad[ish] isn’t just sort of rad, they’re full on rad. Specilizing in meal prep type dishes, all of their meals are grab-and-go and they even have gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options available. The highlight of their menu, however, are the CuppyCakes. Steer clear if you have a nut allergy as all the tiny cupcakes contain them. They have six flavors and you can even mix and match. Stop in to grab a quick, healthy lunch in the NE Heights or Downtown and make sure to get a box of CuppyCakes for dessert! (VS)

2) Cake Fetish

3) Smallcakes A Cupcakery

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Cookies

Voted Best Cookies yet again, Rude Boy is the place to go for fresh, hot, delicious cookies just like mom used to make. Rude Boy serves up all the classics, plus they have monthly rotating specials. And what are cookies without milk? Plain milk is so yesterday, jazz up your milk with flavored syrups like salted butter caramel, peanut butter or banana. Rude Boy also has ice cream to have on its own or to go between two of their cookies. For those with dietary restrictions, they offer up a couple different gluten-free cookie options and have lactose-free milks available. (TG)

2) The Burque Bakehouse

3) Insomnia Cookies

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Bakery

Even Oprah knows bread makes everything better, and the father-son team at Golden Crown Panaderia are proving the point. Whether you’re cruising for traditional New Mexican cookies and pastries or looking for lunch, they’ve got you covered. Despite being an old-fashioned neighborhood bakery, Golden Crown has made a name for itself offering unique modern dishes you’ll rarely find at other bakeries like gourmet pizza, sandwiches and smoothies. (JL)

2) The Burque Bakehouse

3) ABC Cake Shop & Bakery

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt/Gelato

Let’s be real. Gelato isn’t technically ice cream. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture says that to call a product “ice cream,” it has to contain no less than 10 percent milkfat. Gelato only contains 8 percent at most. But according to our sweet treat loving monkey brain, that just means gelato is healthier than ice cream, right? Frost carries dozens of flavors that were made fresh each day in-house. In addition to looking beautiful, they taste incredible, too. They also have flavors of the month that (obviously) change every month. What’s the flavor of the month for October you ask? Quit rubbing your hands together, you evil sweet treat loving monkey, they’re salted caramel truffle, pumpkin, black licorice and toasted marshmallo. And since we’re being real, we all know that one of those flavors is not like the other. (VS)

2) I Scream Ice Cream

3) Nitro Fog Creamery

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Paleteria

If only there was a way to eat fruit that was frozen and also on a stick. Look no further than Pop Fizz! They’ll even put cream, soda or booze in/on your paleta. Feeling a little more hungry? They also have what your mom calls “real food,” like nachos, hot dogs or burritos. Can’t be bothered to get out of your car? They have a new location on Fourth Street NW in Los Ranchos that has an express drive-through lane. Can’t even be bothered to leave your house? Get it delivered from Grubhub! There. Now you’re out of excuses to give them a try if you haven’t yet. (VS)

2) The Paleta Bar

3) La Michoacana De Paquime

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Pie

We like pie and we cannot lie. In the good old days, ’twas not uncommon to see one or more future Alibi staff taking their high school dates to Heidi Pies on Menaul, near the Coronado Mall. Though, Heidi’s is long-gone and the Shoney’s that replaced it merely a memory too, it’s good to know that there is still a place to go for a slice of fruity, creamy or savory pastry heaven. That place of course, is Flying Star Cafe; with many locations throughout the city, it’s totally possible to find just the fine flavor you’re looking for from meringue to good ol’ apple. (AM)

2) Range Cafe

3) 66 Diner

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Milkshakes

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic and want a milkshake made the old fashioned way, look no further than 66 Diner. They hand dip and hand spin each milkshake when you order it. With different ice cream flavors, toppings and extras available, the combination options are nearly endless. So break out those blue suede shoes, bring some dimes for the jukebox and have yourself a milkshake! (VS)

2) I Scream Ice Cream

3) Rude Boy Cookies

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2018 Best Candy Maker

Eldora has really hit the ground running. They’re not messing around with their chocolate creating. No, there isn’t a chocolate waterfall, but they do make all their chocolate from the bean. This means they roast the raw beans, separate the nib from the hull, melt the nibs into liquid and temper it. Want to learn more about this process and what single sourced chocolate tastes like? Craft chocolate maker Steve Prickett is always happy to share more about his passion. Pockets running on empty? Check out to get a discount on this delicious treat. (VS)

2) Buffett’s Candies

3) The Candy Lady
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