Best Of Burque Restaurants 2019: Vegetarian Cuisine

Best Vegetarian Food

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The Acre (Eric Williams Photography)
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My Sweet Basil is the kind of food truck that changes your day for the better after eating there. With a crafty menu set to please people from all walks of life, even your loud and boastful meat-eating friends will find love here. With a care and love for ingredients that helps make their food exceptional, you’re going to be in vegetarian paradise on the front steps of their truck.

2) Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café

3) The Acre

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2019: Best Vegan Food

Mata G is a very interesting place. With rotating daily dishes from other cultural cuisines, and a vegan-centric menu that can soothe the soul in ways you never expected, you’ll find food that exceeds expectations and breaks boundaries at Mata G. Their Asian salad, featuring red & green cabbage, crispy tofu, edamame, peanuts, bell peppers and cilantro with sesame ginger dressing is proof that with the right ingredients and creativity, plant based diets can still be exciting and interesting.

2) TIE: Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café/The Acre

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2019: Best Veggie Burger

The Acre Eric Williams Photography
The Acre has such a quaint, relaxed feel to it that you’ll be surprised by the complexity of their menu if you’ve never been before. The magic of their menu is that everything on it can be made vegan. Their veggie burger is a house-made beet/black bean/quinoa patty, differentiating itself from many others by not using cheese to hold itself together. This gives more flexibility to the local vegan community as well as a depth of taste that goes above and beyond the typical veggie burger. Even if you don’t think veggie burgers are your style, this is worth your attention at least once, if only to see that a meat-centric diet doesn’t have to be the norm if you’re looking for new, interesting tastes.

2) Flying Star Cafe

3) TIE: Bistronomy B2B/Brixens

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2019: Best Vegan Dessert

When you do vegan right, you’re bound to be a dominant force in the category. With a rotating set of desserts and specials, The Acre treats one to a world of unique offerings sure to sate the sweetest tooths. It’s good to see this level of dedication to plant-based and animal-alternative eating, as social conscientiousness rises and people are more aware of the effect they have on the world. So a big thank you to The Acre, not only for their commitment to the artistry of vegan cuisine, but also for the care and concern to ensure it’s not just a generic thrown-together mishmash of veggies but rather something worth savoring and even loving.

2) Flying Star Cafe

3) Planty Sweet

Best Of Burque Restaurants 2019: Best Vegetarian Chile

Third time’s the charm, right? The Acre seems to have a lockdown on this vegetarian/vegan thing. Some people don’t realize that a lot of chile isn’t vegetarian, usually coming into contact with an animal byproduct somewhere in the process unless it’s just chopped-up chile. By making a vegetarian alternative, our local friends and family can get in on the good stuff without the guilt they may feel for our animal cohabitants here on planet Earth. Plus, do you really need any extra fat in your life? Give this a shot. I bet you’ll find it surprisingly delicious.

2) Los Cuates

3) TIE: Brixens/Cervantes Restaurant & Lounge
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