Best Of Burque Restaurants 2019: You Voted, We Repo’ted

Our Readers Rock, Basically

Dan Pennington
1 min read
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I’m the new guy, all things considered. This was my first Best of Burque Restaurants, so I learned a lot from you all voting. Sometimes, I was surprised by unique picks that I wasn’t expecting, some good, some very off the beaten path. For example, in our nomination stages, one of the best steak places was Furr’s. With our focus on the local, they didn’t make the cut, but even if they did, I question how good their steak can actually be. What did interest me was the rise in votership, with 2,400 more nominations this year than last year, and 8,000 more votes during the voting stage. This list is your list, through and through, with my input being cutting out national chains and writing my thoughts. So, to avoid rambling and looking like a fool, I present to you our comprehensive list (compiled by you) of the latest, greatest and tastiest food here in Albuquerque. Cheers!
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