Best Video Store For Foreign Films

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If by “foreign” you mean “arty” then by all means our winner is your one stop shop. But if you translate “foreign” as “Japanese science-fiction with lots of monsters and martial arts too” then newcomer Burning Paradise is where you should be paying late fees. For a wide selection of new releases (if nothing else) Hastings hits the spot.

Best Laundromat

There's nothing like a trip to the laundromat to make you feel like somebody put too much starch in your knickers but somehow the folks at Harold's manage. Maybe it's the Internet access and abundance of spicy snack items. SpinCycle and Lobo Laundry are also popular spots to loose socks.

Best Piercing Parlor

The guys at Star have no problem getting their customers to expose their most delicate parts, whether it's for a tattoo or a rhinestone-tipped barbell. Evolution is the city's second favorite place to get punctured. And if you've ever walked past the window at Sach's then you already know exactly what your options are. Let's hope not too many people are taking the offer of the guy who suggested “the alcove off my living room.” Shiver.

Bob: Featured Consumption Best Local Music Selection

Natural Sound carries a broader selection of music hashed out by locals than any other store in Albuquerque, hands down. This is because they actually care about local artists and their music. Hats off to Hastings for carrying what is perhaps the second largest selection of local music in the city, probably because they know it makes them appear as if they care.

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