Bewitching Brews: A Rundown Of Great Seasonals

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Bewitching Brews
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Best Beer to Take Camping

People are
still camping as the weather gets colder, and Santa Fe Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest (in cans!) is the perfect beer to snuggle up to in your subzero-rated sleeping bag.

Best Beer to Keep You Awake

Hawaii’s own Kona Pipeline Porter uses 100 percent Kona coffee to deliver your java fix without the jitters or delirium tremens.

Best Beer for the Celiac Crowd

Tread Lightly Ale from Boulder’s New Planet Beer is the best on the short list of gluten-free beers available here.

Best Beer for the Hop Hater

Any of local Tractor Brewing’s Bock-style beers fit the bill: rich and malty, with nary a hop presence to be found.

Best Beer for Dessert

Rogue Double Chocolate Stout tastes like someone melted a chocolate bar in a bottle of beer. You won’t miss the candy.

Best Beer That Doubles as a Crystal Ball

Tsingtao, from China. The way things are going here, we may as well get used to drinking it.

Best Beer for Yoga Enthusiasts

Deschutes Brewery’s Green Lakes Organic Ale may not be an approved part of the Ayurvedic diet, but then again, what is?

Best Beer for Session Drinkers

Boasting way more taste than domestic light beers but still low in alcohol, Pilsner Urquell won’t have you passed out on the floor by noon.

Best Beer for Liquor Lovers

Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout is so deliciously heavy on the booze that people often age it for a few years to let the bourbon flavor mellow.

Best Beer to Give as a Gift

Any of the beers in Odell Brewing Co.’s Woodcut Series. All barrel-aged, all expensive, these are the beers you won’t buy for yourself but would love to have.

Best Beer for a Repenting

Monks’ Ale, from New Mexico’s own Monastery of Christ in the Desert, will have you forgetting those pesky sins in no time.
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