Blackout Theatre Company’s All Sick Burque Speaktionary

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Blackout Theatre CompanyÕs All Sick Burque Speaktionary
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baeg: noun – a carrying device often used at grocery stores or in a leather variety by women. Example: “You ain’t supposed to use plastic baegs no more. They’re bad for the environment.”

butt-hurt: adjective – a state of petulant irritation. Example: “I’m sorry I ate the leftovers, but don’t get all butt-hurt about it.”

coke: noun – any carbonated beverage. Example: “What kind of coke do you want—orange, Sprite or what?”

cran: noun – a colored writing implement typically used by children. Example: “Can you hand me the jungle-green cran? I need to color in this forest.”

eeeeeee: interjection – to express surprise or admiration. Example: “EEEEEEEEE!”

land up: verb – to terminate a journey at a certain point, to end up. Example: “We were going to go up to my cousin’s, but we landed up at Brianna’s.”

malk: noun – juice from a cow. Example: “Can I have some chocolate malk?”

malp you? : phrase – may I help you?

oh si: expression – a dismissal, expression of non-belief. Example: “She said she’s prettier than you? Oh si.”

or what: expression – presenting an as-of-yet unspoken option or choice, a sentence ender. Example: “Are you all hurt or what?”

pee-pee hearted: adjective – a state of increased petulant irritation. Example: “You were all butt-hurt so I said I was sorry, but you’re now you’re all pee-pee hearted.”

umbers: expression – an utterance of dismay, usually regarding someone’s troubling behavior. Example: “You spilled your malk all over the teacher’s desk? Umbers!”

umbers cucumbers: expression – an utterance of extreme dismay regarding behavior that is super troubling. Example: “You lit the teacher’s desk on fire? Umbers cucumbers!”

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