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A Guide To Your Local Online Community

Genevieve Smith
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The stereotypical blog is a monotonous diary of a person’s daily activities and interests. Example: “8 a.m.—woke up to annoying alarm. 8:01 a.m.—hit snooze button. 8:16 a.m.—woke up and took the longest pee in my life …” You get the idea. You also get to see shameful pictures of the blogger’s drunk friends.

Not all blogs are created equal, though. There are political blogs. And blogs about bicycles. Blogs about video games. Blogs about having sex with farm animals. There are highly entertaining blogs entirely composed of nonsensical ranting. New Mexico boasts more than its fair share of amusing and even enlightening blogs. And we’re not just talking about the particularly witty and intelligent one at What follows is a dreadfully incomplete list of some of our favorites.

Ah, Wilderness!

A detailed account of wilderness issues here in New Mexico and the world, along with a comprehensive guide to events and places to go to enjoy Mama Nature.

Albuquerque Blogs

A website that aims to provide a “community platform” for the people of Albuquerque by providing free services such as blogging about anything and everything Albuquerque, with discussions, news, job/business listings and classifieds.


This site provides bloggers with a little bit of everything; however, it seems to concentrate mainly on Jon Knudsen’s enthusiasm for bicycling.

Alibi Blog

This is one of the quirkiest, wittiest, intellectually stimulating, off-the-wall blog spots for Albuquerque. You should definitely put this on your “favorites” list!

Albuquerque Journal Staff Weblog

Get the extra scope from staff writers, reporters and photographers that wasn’t in the printed newspaper.

Albuquerque Tribune Blog

You want blogs? The
Albuquerque Tribune has all different types, such as neighborhood blogs, sports blogs and political blogs.


With a little bit of everything, from musings about the state of our world to baseball news, Alterdestiny is sure to peak anyone’s interest.

American Liar

With the state of the world these days, it’s easy (and completely understandable) to find angry, cynical people who are fed up with, well, everything.

America’s Outback

A personal glimpse into the thought process of a fellow New Mexican.

Blog City Mayor (Marty Chavez)

Find out how Marty feels about community issues such as failing public schools and give him feedback.


A hodgepodge of information and thoughts about people, places, news and events in Albuquerque.

Confessions of a Human Nerve Ending

This blog spot is for poetry enthusiasts. There are also podcast interviews with local slam poets.

Cuerpo Aztlan

This site is the “diary” of a woman who is trying to live a healthier life. A good site for others who are interested in bettering themselves.

Dede Feldman’s Blog

State Sen. Dede Feldman’s blog about political events and happenings.


Maggie Toulouse is a political activist (currently the field campaign manager for the League of Conservation Voters) who offers her insight into political happenings in New Mexico.

Democracy for New Mexico

Democracy for New Mexico aims to “empower” New Mexico’s citizens to take political action to further democratic goals and ideals.

Duke City Fix

One of the more popular blogs in town, this is a great guide to Albuquerque and a big supporter of our local blogosphere.


This site provides news stories from credited national newspersons as well as random bits of interest such as new products out on the market.

For the H*ll of It

As the author so eloquently puts it: “From a Mac zealot currently living in New Mexico.” A collection of news bits and information on Mac and its products.

Fresh Chaos

This blog is the workings of Jeff Hartzer (artist, writer, teacher, poet, executive director of AirDance ArtSpace and most of all a bunny lover) who writes about national and local news and humorous tidbits on news of the weird.


Eckleburg and Grumblecake made a New Year’s goal to eat at every restaurant along Old Route 66. They provide their stories and insights on their blog.


John Fleck, science writer for the
Albuquerque Tribune , includes scientific and geological information about Albuquerque and its surrounding areas.

Julia Goldberg’s Blog

Santa Fe Reporter Editor Julia Goldberg gives smart commentary on our friendly sister city, national politics and other points of interest.

New Mexico Politics With Joe Monahan

The esteemed Joe Monahan (the king of political blogging) skillfully uses his past experience as a reporter and his plentiful contacts to present fair, accurate and fresh news on New Mexico politics to readers across the country.

Joy Harjo’s Weblog

The personal diary of Joy Harjo, local poet and writer.

Conservative radio commentator Larry Ahrens provides a cornucopia of tasty tidbits.


Get triple the political news and savvy commentary on Albuquerque from this blog’s three contributors: Marjorie, Maggie and Mjae.

Mario Burgos

Personal insights from a native New Yorker who wandered into New Mexico, where his "roots will grow long."

MJH’s blog

“Ignorance isn’t just bliss, it’s good business.” This edgy old-school liberal has a lot to say about what’s going on in the world.

Momentum and Momento

As forewarned in its introduction, this blog contains “random musings by the author” along with notices of cultural events going on around the state.


This site displays the political ruminations of two twentysomething Albuquerque males.

New Mexico Matters

Former Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Gideon Elliot aims to keep the public informed on New Mexico news, elections and the Hall of Shame. There’s also a slew of links to state resources, representatives and news outlets.

New Mexico Photos

Haven’t seen a Hoary Comma butterfly lately? Photographers and nature lovers had better check this site out.

New Mexico Wilderness

Take some time with
Alibi columnist Jim Scarantino (Chairman of the Coalition for New Mexico Wilderness) to explore his pictures of outdoors and various musings.


“Half Wisdom · Half Whimsy · Half Wit.” Newmexiken need not say anything more. We’re hooked.

Calling all communities in the Rocky Mountain West! Bring your political, environmental and everyday knowledge to the table to share.

Notes From Girl-Land

I guess
Sex and the City somehow landed itself in the middle of Albuquerque. Lots of pink.

Only in New Mexico

Visiting this site is kind of like playing the leading role in “Being Jim Baca.” Check it out to follow Baca’s campaign progress and read about his take on other issues around the state.


Whoever thought a family physician would turn to nonfiction later on in life? Postings include medical reflections and doctor and patient stories.

Random Musings, Cont’d.

If you have nothing better to do, check out what Xeltifon isn’t doing either!

Report From Planet Earth

As a new full-time freelance web developer, Damian Taggert has a lot to share with newly self-employed entrepreneurs, ranging from computer software to feeling highly anxious and stressed out.

Scout’s Knitted Swag

Just give this woman a cup of coffee, and she’s ready to conquer the world through crafts, clothing puppies, charity and raising her two cute kids.


Stinky Lulu loves pop culture, movies and sharing.


The Southwest Organizing Project now has a blog, bringing community news straight to your computer screen. SWOP is a group working to “empower disenfranchised communities.”

Tenacious Flog

Mmmm, we love brownies. Which is good, because on this site you’ll find plenty of delicious recipes and cooking insights.


"Wasting your time since 2005." Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

What’s Wrong with This Picture

A smart conservative blog, compliments of M.G. Bralley.


According to the author, “best viewed through the bottom of a beer glass.”
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