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Best Theater Troupe

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BOB: Arts
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Still feeling out its new digs as UNM’s professional theater company in residence, the Tricklock Theatre Company continues to produce unique, experimental works of performance art. One thing theater-loving Burqueños know: If it’s by Tricklock, it’s going to be quality.

BLACKOUT Theatre Company, 3) q-Staff theatre

Best Locally Shot Film From The Past Year

You could make a strong case that, after taking home Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor, Best Director and Best Film, No Country for Old Men was the best film released anywhere in the world during 2007. It’s no wonder then that No Country won for Best Locally Shot Film. We can only hope the Coen Brothers will be back to the Land of Enchantment soon.

3:10 to Yuma, 3) Necroville

Best Live Performance

Dark and hauntingly beautiful, the Tricklock Theatre Company‘s debut of Black River Falling in March of 2007 left a lasting impression on Albuquerque’s theater community. After touring Europe, Black River Falling was re-staged for the eighth annual Revolutions International Theatre Festival, cementing itself as Burque’s favorite performance of 2007.

2) All performances by
Burlesque Noir, 3) All performances by Bella Donna Burlesque

Best Art Gallery

What makes Mariposa stand out among all the incredible galleries in the Duke City is its complete approachability. Fine works fill the spaces, including handcrafted jewelry, fiber arts, glass and contemporary folk-art, offering a place for local art lovers to discover local art creators.

Weems Art Gallery, 3) 516 Arts

Best Artist

The first person to own a Dawn Sosko painting also gets the honor of naming it, because Sosko doesn’t want to influence what anyone sees in the sweeping reds, yellow and blues of her abstract art. Burque art collectors love her for it.

Ernest Doty, 3) Aaron Snowden

Best Author

Often topping this category, Tony Hillerman takes the coveted Best Author award after coming in a close third last year. The January 2007 re-release of his first novel, The Blessing Way , reminded Albuquerque (and the nation) why Hillerman is a master at his craft and a New Mexican icon.

Rudolfo Anaya, 3) Susan Cooper

Best Comedy Troupe

After bopping around Canada and spending some time in the Windy City, Pajama Men Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen and their skilled, improvisational genius finally returned home to the Land of Enchantment. We are so thankful. Never leave us again. Things just aren’t as funny here without you.

The One Night Stanleys, 3) Blackout Theatre Company

Best Movie Theater

For films you just can’t see anywhere else in the city, the Guild Cinema is the best place to be. Year after year, the Guild brings topnotch feature films and documentaries to local audiences that are influential, important and, above all, entertaining.

2) Century Rio 24, 3) Century 14 Downtown

Best Drag Troupe

This past year was triumphant and tragic for The Dolls. Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007, was declared "Dolls Day" by Mayor Martin Chavez in honor of Matthew Bubb (aka Geneva Convention) and Kenneth Ansloan (aka Tequila Mockingbyrd) during the annual "Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are" benefit showcase. At the same event, The Dolls were presented the first-ever Standing Ovation Award for lifelong dedication to performance. One month later, Matthew Bubb passed away from cancer. Albuquerque misses you, Matthew, and you’ll never be forgotten.

2) Jerrod, Eric and Mark, 3)
Albuquerque Kings Club
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