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Best Local Theater Performance

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After pondering the options and cataloguing their brains’ vast array of memories and useless information, our readers have decided on two winners for their favorite theater performance. Tying for first place is Nutcracker on the Rocks, which showed at National Hispanic Cultural Center, and Quarantine ABQ, which placed goers in a distant reality where they got to be part of the action as they raced to survive a zombie apocalypse.

2) Tie: THE SHOW and Comedy?

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Art Exhibition

Oh, the visual arts. After you guys voted, the clear winner for best art exhibition turned out to be one that emphasized the beauty and grandeur that makes the Land of Enchantment a fine place to call home. Visualizing Albuquerque at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History took first place. And in a tie for second: is the Encompass exhibition at Harwood Art Center and the Sabine Zimmer collection at Mariposa Gallery.

2) Tie:
Encompass at Harwood Art Center and the Sabine Zimmer exhibition at Mariposa

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Art Gallery

Are you the type of person who sees art everywhere, like on the back of cereal boxes when you’re eating the most important meal of the day? Or, are you the type who ventures out and about to catch glimpses of paint propped up on gallery walls? If the latter is moreyour style, then you need to head to 516 Arts. According to our readers, that’s the best place to scope new and interesting works, as they were voted numero uno for best art gallery. Following close in second place is Stranger Factory, and not too far behind is Sumner & Dene. Art everywhere!

2) Stranger Factory

3) Sumner & Dene

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Non-Gallery Space To See Art

In a true testament to the artistic prowess of the Duke City, it’s more likely that you’ll find a wide array of work in cafés and retail spaces rather than entering an art gallery. And that’s not a bad thing. Art is for the people, so it should be a public endeavor, no? And apparently Octopus and the Fox and the Tractor Brewery in Wells Park are people’s favorite places to see works of art.

2) Tie: Downtown Albuquerque; Java Joes

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Graffiti

When it comes to graffiti, it seems like Burqueños can’t make up their minds. We love it all! After tallying the votes, we have a four-way tie between Ernest Doty’s murals, the street art in Downtown Albuquerque, Slice Parlor and the work visible from the Rail Runner tracks. So if you decide to venture out and look for some awesome murals, these are good places to start.

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Mural

When you think of the best mural in Albuquerque, what comes to mind? You could think long and hard about it. But why bother? Alibi readers have already done that for you. According to them, the best mural in the city can be found right in the heart of Nob Hill, on the outside wall of comic book store Astro-Zombies. And if you like a little tuneage with your giant canvas, then head over to Sunshine Theater to catch a glimpse of Thomas Haag’s mural, which took second place.

2) Thomas Haag mural behind Sunshine Theater

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Museum

Where can one go to see new artwork, learn about the inside of the human brain, and maybe visit a planetarium to speculate on Earth’s place within our solar system? Old Town, baby! The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science took best museum by a landslide, and its neighbor to the south, the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, took second place.

2) Albuquerque Museum of Art and History

3) Explora

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Theater Space

Just looking at the winners for this year’s best theater space category, one can easily deduce the varied personalities of our voters. The first place winner (Popejoy Hall) hosts such diverse events as Cirque du Soleil, Wicked and Mark Twain Tonight!, while our second place winner is one of our city’s most popular landmarks (which many believe is haunted). The KiMo Theatre hosts a plethora of movie specials, so it’s no wonder our readers love it.

2) KiMo Theatre

3) Box Performance Space and Improv Theater

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Artist

I’m sure this category reminded folks about those art classes they signed up for but never showed up to. I’m right there with you, people. But that doesn’t mean we’re unable to appreciate good works when we see ’em. ‘Cause we’re just that snazzy. And when you voted for your favorite artist, you were clearly torn, showing that your appreciation for fine art can’t be stifled. Angela Berkson, who works in a variety of media, and tattoo artist Rudy Lopez both took first in the best artist category. Because you said so.

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Jewelry Artist

Handmade ring by Chela Gurnee. ChelaGurneeJewelry
Apparently folks in the Duke City love some snazzy rings, necklaces and brooches, because they hit the polls to place their votes for best jewelry artist in Burque. Chela Gurnee and Lilly Barrack both tied for the prime spot at the top of the list. But it’s not as if there aren’t other notable folks in the jewelry-making biz, as Gertrude Zachary and Kristin Diener followed close behind to tie for second.

2) Tie: Gertrude Zachary and Kristin Diener

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Local Poet

It’s no secret this is a city that has its foot in pretty much every art form you can think of. So why would the written word be any different? Our readers’ votes have spoken volumes, as Mr. Hakim Bellamy (our city’s former Poet Laureate) took first place by a landslide. Our second and third place winners—Zachary Kluckman and Carlos Contreras—are also ubiquitous fixtures in the local poetry scene.

2) Zachary Kluckman

3) Carlos Contreras

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Photographer

Smile purty for the cameras, folks. You cast your votes and told us who you turn to when you wanna take photos of your baby’s first birthday or make a visual representation of a routine tooth extraction. Hey, it happens. Wes Naman seems to be the man that many have tapped for his photographic skills, as he won first place in our best photographer category.

2) Tony Gambino and Frank Frost

3) Kim Jew

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Comedy Venue

When people wanna see comedy, they know where to go. The Box Performance Space and Improv Theater won by a staggering landslide in this category, and it’s no surprise considering the prolific efforts of its weekly improv teams (THE SHOW and Comedy?). But that doesn’t mean it’s the only place to catch a few chuckles, as evidenced by the laugh factories that tied for second.

2) Three-way tie: Blackout Theatre Company, Comedians’ Power Hour, Guild Cinema

Bob: Arts & Lit Best Local Comedian

And the winner is … hold on, I’ve got something in my teeth. Cool, it was a Cheeto. Back to it: First place was taken by Sarah Mowrey, who you can see performing weekly in her troupe Comedy? at The Box. Following closely behind her is comedian and Alibi contributor Genevieve Mueller. And just in case two ain’t enough: Rusty Rutherford took third, folks. So get with the funny because the sad is kinda overrated.

2) Genevieve Mueller

3) Rusty Rutherford
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