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Best Anything We Forgot
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We’re not omniscient—okay, technically, some of us are—and so we welcome your annual input on what Best of Burque categories we neglected. Please know that even if your vote doesn’t see metaphorical print, reader suggestions genuinely matter to us. And they will inform future Best of Burque issues. Many submissions in this category were awesome, funny or weird, and others were intriguing, persuasive or outright mandates for coverage. So in that order, I proudly present a sampling of the best things we forgot in 2014. Wait—what was I saying again?

Best Awesome/Funny/Weird Things We Forgot

Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Medzen Services

Best Puppeteer

Joe Annabi

Best Arts-Based High School

Media Arts Collaborative Charter School

Best Goth Night

Thee Sanctuary

Best Grove Cafe Employee

The waiter who gave Lydia “stevia”

Best Intriguing/Persuasive/Outright Coverage Mandates We Forgot

Best Promoter (Mandate)

Jorquise Envee/Ghetto Gentlemen

Best Acupuncturist (Mandate)

Jinlen Silva, DOM/Gambei

Best BOB Category Alibi is Avoiding

Best Music, Best Band, etc.

Best Cantor at a Large Synagogue

Barbara Finn/Congregation Albert

Best Local Convention

Albuquerque Comic Expo/Bubonicon

Best Local Podcast

10 Drink Minimum
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