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Jeremy Foote

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What makes the Albuquerque Press Club unique?

How many other bars in Albuquerque are located in a 105-year-old haunted log cabin placed in the middle of a park with great views of Downtown?

What’s one drink you just couldn’t live without?

A Toronto.

What do you enjoy about bartending? What do you dislike about it?

I like most people, I hate all drunk people. It seems that those who have never kept a bar tend to believe it is far more provocative than the reality. I’m a Burque native, and I tend to think I’m at least somewhat interesting, but not because I happen to tend bar.

As a food connoisseur, what’s relevant about eating in Burque?

Cooking at home is really important; the quality and cost is going to be 90 percent better than most of the stuff you will pay for when you go out. One of the exceptions is Farina Pizzeria. This is a place where they genuinely care about the food they produce and service they offer before the bottom line.

Excluding the Albuquerque Press Club, what are the best bars in Burque?

I honestly only frequent two bars other than my own on any regular basis, and one’s really for the music. I can answer with bars that no longer exist:

Best Rock Bar

The Dingo Bar

Best Sports Bar

Time Out

Best Happy Hour

Assets Grille
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