Bob: Community Pick

Aaron Brown--General Manager Of Century Downtown 14

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Best Elected City Official

I’ll take Brad Winter just so I can be different than everybody else. I think Brad Winter is the most up-front guy on the old City Council. I don’t really know the new Council. He takes care of his constituents the best he can and tries to do what’s best for Albuquerque.

Best Breakfast

I’d say the Frontier. The year I spent in California was miserable because I couldn’t have a Frontier breakfast burrito.

Best Candy Store

Theobroma. It’s truly the best chocolate I’ve ever had anywhere. And I’ve been everywhere. I lived in San Francisco and had plenty of Ghirardelli, and I think this is better. And I do like it too much.

Best Brewpub

Kelly’s. They have the best local brews that I’ve had.

Best Downtown Bar

Anodyne. For me, having been going there ever since I was in college, it’s like “Cheers.” Everybody knows my name. They have the best pool tables around. That is the one place Downtown where I spend a lot of my free time.

Best Sports Bar

Coaches. It’s the other place where everybody knows me. It’s just a good place to gather and catch the game. Good TVs. Good food. Good beer. All the things you want when you’re watching a game.

Best Local Band

Concepto Tambor. They have a very different rhythm, different sound. It’s a good sound. They’re very different, but I think that’s why I like them. They’re something other than everybody else down here trying to rock out. They’ve got style that is all their own.

Best Live Theater/Performance Troupe

Gorilla Tango. It’s just great to be able to see true improv troupes doing their thing in Albuquerque. I can’t even pick one thing that I like that they’re doing, because I like everything I’ve seen.

Best Drycleaner

Route 66 Cleaners. They always do my suits, and they’re always perfect. They keep my staff looking good, too, because they do my staff uniforms.

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