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Joaquin Falcon--Executive Liason At Dw Turner Strategic Communications

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Best Use of Local Tax Dollars

I thought the late-night Rapid Ride in the summer was awesome. It provided a big-city service in a small town. I think they should get that going year-round. I used it weekend nights. I live Downtown, but it allowed me to go to Nob Hill, see friends, have a couple drinks and go back Downtown without the use of my car.

Best Breakfast

Sunday brunch at Ambrozia. If you’re willing to splurge, it is the best brunch you’ve ever had. It’s just laid-back, mellow, with eclectic choices.

Best Band Overall

Technically, it would be Icky and the Yuks, but they don’t play anymore, so I’m going to have to go with Black Maria. They just put up a wall of sound. It punishes. I think Motörhead was louder than them, but they had much larger stacks.

Best Downtown Bar

Hands-down the Anodyne. It hasn’t changed in years. It’s nonpretentious. And it’s got inexpensive, solid drinks and a great staff.

Best Coffee

Java Joe’s, the Red Door Roasters. Solid cup of bean.

Best Local Crackpot

The guy with the newspapers who wears boxes on his shoes at the corner of Sixth Street and Central. He could be our next mayor.

Best Art Gallery

The Factory on 5th. A truly bohemian artspace that is accessible to just about anyone.

Best Gym

The only thing the Alibi may have forgotten is the best gym in town. I’m torn, but I'd better go with the Downtown Gold’s Gym. It’s downstairs from my office, so I can go twice a day.

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