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Jenica Houlberg--Server/Bartender At Brickyard Pizza

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Best Coffee

Irysh Mac’s is definitely the best coffee in town. We always get it from them on my shifts. We go just before they close. I always get a breve latte with a shot of vanilla. Sometimes I get a raspberry mocha. Keeps me going through the night.

Best Local Microbrew

I like Kelly’s. It’s inexpensive. I can go there with five dollars and get a couple pints. I like their imperial stout. I like dark beers. It’s got to be amber or darker. I haven’t had a bad beer there yet.

Best Downtown Bar

Anodyne. It’s a cool place. I like that it’s pretty dark up there. And they’ve got pool. Sometimes you have to wait for a pool table, but you can get a couple drinks while you wait. It’s a relaxed atmosphere. The Star Wars table is my favorite.

Best Live Theater/Performance Troupe

Burlesque Noire. They do a lot of burlesque shows around town and some of the fetish shows. They did one over the winter. The girls are really sweet and nice, and they put on a great show. I love the costumes.

Best Women’s Clothing

Buffalo Exchange. I just go down there with stuff I haven’t worn in a year and turn it in. Whatever I get back, I try to find something new with it. If I get 25 bucks, I try to only spend $25. If I only have, like, 20 bucks, I know I can get a couple shirts. You always find something unique. It’s not going to be the same thing everyone else has.

Best Comic Book Store

Lobo Anime off Tramway and Central. It’s kind of far. It’s one of the only places I know of that has Japanese import comic books. They have a really good selection of underground comic books. They always have the T-shirts or lunchboxes or the figurines. All the classics and collectibles. Everyone there is really nice.

Best Ethnic Supermarket

By far, Ta Lin. I’m really happy they got the new building. I do more shopping there now than at a normal supermarket. It’s mostly Asian foods, but I’ve enjoyed the European things they’ve been getting in.

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