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Andrew Connors

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Community Picks
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Best View

I love the view from the UNM art and architecture library. The whole library has incredible panoramic views. You can look down on the University campus and see all the busy activity on Central, but you also have a beautiful view of the Sandias, and of the West Mesa and on out to Mount Taylor.

Best Librarian

I find that the librarian at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, Greta Pullen, always goes far out of her way to help patrons.

Best Art Gallery

The best commercial gallery has to be Richard Levy. They celebrate local artists, but they also bring to Albuquerque some of the most interesting of national and international artists. They really do museum-quality exhibitions of major figures.

Best Ongoing Arts Event

I love the Marigold Parade in the South Valley. I just think that it’s an indication of the origin of public parades. It’s so organic, and it shows how a community comes out and expresses itself when there’s no corporation telling people how to make merry. The people are directing it from the grassroots, which means that it’s one of the most vital, enthusiastic and—I hate to use this word, but—real events in this region.
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