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Peter Mezensky

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Peter Mezensky
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Best Place to Keep Up with Underground Shows if You Quit Facebook

I end up quitting Facebook (over nothing important) every few weeks just to prove something to people that don’t even care. When Facebook is cut off, so is the endless stream of local show invites. Luckily, Derek Caterwaul keeps updated with a list of (most of) the DIY/underground/house shows in Albuquerque.

Best Artist in Need of his Own Amusement Park

Something about ¡Brapola!’s whimsical artwork makes me wish someone would give him a bunch of money to create ¡Brapola!-land. He could take over the Anasazi and make it into something useful. Someone start a Kickstarter.

Best Tech Cheerleader

This town is in dire need of more/better tech jobs or any kind of jobs, really. In order to attract those jobs, we need to show off our local talent and help them network with the right people. I’d be hard-pressed to find a hackathon, tech meetup or geek happy hour in which Eric Renz-Whitmore was not involved.

Best Hackerspace

Whether it’s making robots, circuit bending or sending green chile into space, there is always something neat going on at Quelab. When the zombie apocalypse comes to call, these are the geeks that will know how to save civilization. Learn from them while you can.
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