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Raven Chacon

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Raven Chacon (Raven Chacon)
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Best Non-Gallery Space to See Art

While galleries are within, I want to mention the two neighborhoods that contain the most and best public art and art spaces. Wells Park is home to the recent Wells Park Rail Corridor Mural Project, a grand initiative to steer Rail Runner eyes toward the unused warehouse walls off the tracks. Wells Park also has the Kosmos, Spirit Abuse, 5G Gallery, SCA Contemporary and The Harwood. Barelas has long been a neighborhood for art, hosting The National Hispanic Cultural Center, The Tan/Tannex, Small Engine, The Plant and Separation Gallery. Don’t forget the paint-by-numbers Al Hurricane mural. If you aren’t frequenting these art spaces, you might be lost.

Best Reason to Stay in Albuquerque

The cost of living. Especially if you are a musician or an artist. It’s okay if you move away to a bigger city, but others will take your place while you are working 9-to-5 to pay for your tiny-ass apartment.

Best Categories Best Of Burque Has Been Avoiding

“Best Band,” “Best Musician,” “Best Drummer,” etc. I suppose in the past, some ballot-stuffing ruined what was a great poll, then again perhaps writing about the Albuquerque music scene is too vast a project to be limited to a voting contest. The best thing that Albuquerque has going by far is its immense and diverse music scene. I’m hoping that the
Alibi dedicates a full (long-awaited) issue to the sounds made in this city. You are our paper.

Publisher Carl Petersen responds: Not everything is a football game. We realized years ago that trial by vote presented a disservice to both Burque’s diverse music scene and our curious readers. Instead, we make an effort to recognize Burque’s musicians through ongoing editorial coverage, encouragement and support.
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