Bob Community Pick: The Cast Of “Breaking Bad”

The Cast Of “Breaking Bad”

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Best Thing About Filming Here

“I’ll fly into the Sunport, and usually within 10 minutes of just driving out and seeing the mountains I honestly feel myself take a deep breath that’s unlike any breath I’ve taken since I was last in New Mexico. It’s just like a complete feeling that comes over me of calm and peace and beauty. I think the landscape to me is the most beautiful landscape in my mind. Montana is about the only other place that I’ve seen in my lifetime that rivals the certain natural beauty of New Mexico.”

—Anna Gunn, “Skyler White”

Best Of Burque 2012:

“The mesas and the mountains speak to me—truly speak to me. There’s a depth to them. … It’s that solace that I gain from being able to see that open space. And it really turns me on. Before I came to Albuquerque for this show, I always talked about Santa Fe. Not that I dislike Santa Fe, but Albuquerque has far surpassed my love of Santa Fe.”

—Giancarlo Esposito, “Gus Fring”

Best Of Burque 2012:

“Albuquerque is like no other place on this planet. The entire state is beautiful and the skies are endless. I gotta be honest, when I first shot the pilot I was thinking to myself, Oh dear God, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to handle shooting a series out here. Just because I didn’t really see any of Albuquerque—I was just going from the hotel to work, and the hotel I was staying at was in the middle of nowhere, and there was nothing around, nothing for me to do. But once we got picked up, the series, I instantly fell in love with the city.”

—Aaron Paul, “Jesse Pinkman”

Best Of Burque 2012:

Worst Thing About Filming Here

“I think it’s so sad with the arts here in New Mexico and how it always gets cut. And how you have some guy—who decides what gets cut and what doesn’t get cut—sitting on a chair that was designed by an artist, sitting at a desk that was designed by an artist, sitting in a building that was designed by an artist, gets into a car that was designed by an artist, goes home, turns on the TV and watches TV, and then he has the audacity to tell me that there is no need for the arts.”

—Steven Michael Quezada, “DEA Agent Gomez”

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