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Kate Garduño--Librarian

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Best Day Trip

El Malpais—It’s just far enough to make you feel like you’ve gone somewhere, but it’s still an easy day trip. There’s amazing stuff to see, and it’s a real kick to just wander around for hours. Also, my dog threw up an apple there. Yup.

Best Place To Get A Chocolate Fix

Heaven’s Door bakery on Candelaria and San Pedro—Tasty tasty chocolate creamy desserts. Added bonus: the owners have super-cool French accents.

Best Comic Book Store

Noble Collectibles on Montgomery and on Coors. They have all the Spider-Man you’ll ever need. And then some.

Best Pick-Up Line Using The Phrase “weapons of mass destruction”

“I’ve got a special hiding place for your weapons of mass destruction and it ain’t no spider hole.”

Best Radio Station

89.1 KANW—Where else can you hear real New Mexico music? Yeah!

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