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Dan Solis--Veteran Slam Poet

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Best Local Politician to Go Bar Hopping With

It's gotta be Manny Aragon. I imagine Manny would have the hookup wherever we went, no waiting for a table. Hell, we probably wouldn't even have to pay for a drink in most places. He's sure to know and tell stories about New Mexico politics and politicians that would never even be hinted at by the press. And if we did have to pay, hopefully he would pick up the tab cause he would be loaded with dough from all, the, uh ’political gifts' he has received over the years.

Best Reason To Vote Bush in 2004

If you're rich, white and you love sexist, racist, homophobic, hypocritical, avaricious, moronic, liars and murderers.

Local Hero

Don Schrader. I love the way he is who he is all the time with no apology.

Local Crackpot

Don Schrader. The TV show is a bit much, also, when it's cold, put some clothes on!

Best Day Trip

Spence Hot Springs in Jemez, stopping off at Los Ojos on the way back for beers, grub and pool.

Best Radio Station

KUNM no contest.

Best Radio Personality

Erica Viking. She's funny, intelligent, articulate and provides a strong counterpoint to the chauvinism of the blockheads she works with.

Best DJ

KUNM's Marcos Martinez. The one time he did the “FreeForm” afternoon show it was the best I've ever heard.

Best Coffee House

RB Winnings Coffee. It's very relaxed, the coffee is great and they do a lot for the community with the events they host.

Best Local Brew Pub

Kelly's, their Robust porter is the best.

Best Downtown Bar/Jukebox


Best Nob Hill Bar

I still miss Jack's, but Joe's is the next best thing we have.

Best Art Gallery/Community Arts Organization

The Harwood. Susan McAllister is one of the biggest unsung heroes of the New Mexico arts community.

Best Cultural Bargain

Omni Roots/Outchyonda. With all the stuff they do, plays, art classes/shows, kids stuff, film screenings, poetry readings, etc., you just can't beat them.

Best Live Theater Performance Troupe

Tricklock, indisputably. They take more artistic chances than anyone else. Their Revolutions International Festival is amazing and just keeps getting stronger and more diverse.

Best Dance Company


Best Store for New Books


Best Store for Used Books

Birdsong, you simply must love the cats.

Best Children's Bookstore

Bound To Be Read.

Best Place to Buy New/Used Music

Natural Sound.

Best Comic Book Store

Tie–Astro-Zombies and Comic Warehouse.

Best Laundromat


Best ethnic Supermarket

Tie–Ta-Lin/El Mezquite.

Best Massage Therapist

Allison Gregg at A Healing Approach.

Best Place to buy Package Liquor


Best Local author

This is like having a one-question food poll, i.e. “Best Local Food.” Some of my favorite local poets Levi Romero, Lisa Gill, Bob Swearingen and Maria Leyba. Some young up-and-comers, Adan Baca, Carlos Contreras, Janda Marroquin-Flores and Angela Williams.

Best Local Event at which to Spend Your Money

Shameless plug time: Poetry and Beer, New Mexico's longest running open mic happens every first Saturday at the fabulous Puccinni's Golden West Saloon .

Best #1 Superbaby of All-time

There can be only one, and that one is of course, my Godson, Solomon-Apiliato.

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