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Amy Johnson--Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

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Best Cultural Bargain

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. That’s right kids, there are 19 pueblos in our beautiful state. Can’t make it out to each pueblo for Feast Day dances? This place has free traditional dances every weekend. Check it out.

Best Place to Fall in Love with New Mexico All Over Again

Chaco Canyon, a.k.a. Chaco Culture National Historical Park. Sure the last 20 or so miles to get there are marked by washboard dirt road madness, but once you catch site of Fajada Butte … ah. A place not to be missed.

Best Place to Sample Yummy Red Chile

Pueblo Harvest Café. They’re right off of I-40, close to Downtown and across the street from a desolate plot of land (what’s up with that?) … try the Chaco combination covered in red.

Best Radio Personality with Balls!

Harry Norton, KUNM. Has anyone else discovered this gem of a disc spinner? Seriously, he mixes the gamut of music into a tasteful, ear-bending mess. Balls, you ask? Every so often he’ll squeeze in some sick metal. What more could I ask for?

Best Place to Admire Poor Fashion Sense

Er, my closet!

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