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Ambrosia Ortiz--Unm Student

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Best Movie Theater

Madstone. I have never been disappointed by a film experience there. Nice people, weird movies and alcohol. Who can beat that?

Best Coconut Drink

Annapurna on Yale. I have to stop myself from humming “Kokomo” every time.

Best Extinct Bookstore

Sisters and Brothers. We will miss you.

Best Looking Staff

Flying Star on Central. Damn!

Best Cheesecake

You would be surprised … PF Chang! So Good! (In my best Teen Girl Squad voice.)

Best View of the City at Night

County Line Restaurant.

Best Place to Shop for Birthday Presents

Beeps. Who can resist a Trailer Trash Barbie?

Best Place to Get Your Bike Stolen Three or Four Times and Then Have Your Car Broken Into Repeatedly


Best Reason to Drive to the Westside

Copelands. Just don't forget the antacids.

Best Exhibit at the Zoo

Koalas. Even if they sleep all the time, one walk through the eucalyptus grove will clear your sinuses for a month.

Best Deal on Pizza

Pudge Brothers. Support local businesses!!!

Best Italian Food If You Are Feeding a Small Army and Would Like to See Naked Women on the Walls

Buca di Beppo (look closely).

Best Italian for a Date

Macaroni Grill. Although the novelty of the singing waiters is old now, the food is always delicious and the crayons are too.

Best Fast Food

Taco Cabana. I'm stopping now because I'm drooling.

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