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Best Dessert

The German Chocolate Cake at Flying Star. It has to be the best in the world. I’ve had it several times and I still can’t believe how good it tastes. It reminds me of the old Mary’s Muffins that once was on Central across from UNM. When that place closed a lot of us felt like crying.

Best Thai Food

Thai Cuisine at Montaño and Coors. Once you taste #87 or #74 you will pack your belongings and try to move into the restaurant. The 87 is spicy ground chicken over rice. The 74 is a spicy fried rice with your choice of tofu or chicken. The lunch buffet left a brother speechless.

Best Car Wash

The crew at Busy Bee can make your old, tired ride look like the new tricked-out joint that just rolled out of the freshest car lot. Remember the days when all car wash places made you feel like you got your money’s worth. Busy Bee is still old school.

Best Breakfast

Weck’s. The bowl o’pappas rule. I usually get it with chicken and red and green chile. Okay, I admit it. It’s tasted so good I may have teared up once or twice.

Best Breakfast on the Run

Little Anita’s chorizo burrito edges Golden Pride’s breakfast burrito in a photo finish.

Best Male Television Personality

Dick Knipfing. He will never admit it. But, he may have been one of the guys that invented news.

Best Female Television Personality

Kim Vallez. This was an easy pick. If I picked anyone else Kim would give me a black eye.

Best Radio DJ team

Tony and Myles of 107.9 The Big I. Have you seen the ratings for these guys. They are through the roof.

Best Place To Eat Meat

Tucanos. Where do I start. There is so much meat brought to your table it’s frightening. This is truly a case when it really is all good. The meat has such a good flavor. There’s pork and beef. You can even get other things like chicken and fish. There is so much food. You leave the restaurant knowing that there will be a five alarmer in your bathroom later.

Best Place to Browse

Any Barnes and Noble Book store. Go and be overtaken by the written word.

Best Store to Look Your Best

Men’s Warehouse. You really will like the way you look.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wal-Mart. I know you are saying “what?” I thought the same thing until I was introduced to Sam’s Choice chocolate chip cookies. One bite and I really was freaked out. Those cookies rock.

Best Sugar Cookies

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Maybe they should be the cookie factory. All of their cookies are good. The peanut butter cookies and oatmeal raisin tastes just as good as the sugar cookies.

Best Fitness Gym

Defined Fitness. This is a place after my own heart. The people are really there to work out. Well, sometimes. You do have a few people looking at everyone in the building. For the most part, people take their workout serious. That helps you to get a good work out.

Best Computer Tech Help

Control Alt Delete. This is really a business. When your computer is acting like a weirdo, you can call C-A-D. They will fix your computer fast and at a reasonable price.

Best Mall

Cottonwood. It feels so light and sunny in there. They also have a lot of good stores.

Best Place for a Family Outing

Rio Grande Zoo. The outdoors and the animals.

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