Bob: Community Picks

Robin Brown--Senior, Monzano High School

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Best Reason to Vote Bush in 2004

To piss off Don Schrader. Other than that, I can’t think of a thing.

Best Radio Station

KUNM. Although its extreme variety is bound to be displeasing in some instances, it is the only radio station that plays anything quite original. Why, it’s not even run by Clear Channel.

Best Place to Buy Used Music

Charlie’s has loads of used CD’s and vinyl, they play interesting music on the speakers, and the people are nice. Besides, they have ice cream. Natural Sound has a good selection, but anytime I go in there the people who work there kind of seem to growl.

Best Place to Rent Videos

Alphaville doesn’t have everything, but they have most everything that matters. I’m always surprised at the obscure gems I can find there, and they definitely have the best foreign film selection.

Best Public Sculpture

The man and woman dancing between Popejoy and Johnson Gym. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s hideously remarkable. I’ve come to like it. Something that ugly deserves to stay.

Best Thing Martin Chavez Could Do To Get Albuquerque Off the Bottom of Virtually Every Meaningful List

“Meaningful” doesn’t necessarily mean “positive.” We’ve got many accomplishments, like being ahead of the game in drunk driving and rape. Keep it up mayor! Yes, every single social problem is solely your fault.

Best Wasteful Use of Local Tax Dollars

APS (the bureaucracy in particular). Yes, every single uneducated child is solely the fault of APS. Seriously, though, the superintendent Brad Allison excused himself for doing a poor job because he had a drinking problem. That was a while ago, but wow.

Best Place to Eat a Quick Lunch

Acapulco’s food is amazingly cheap and delicious. They round out the ambiance perfectly with a fake cactus and teal paint.

Best Venue in Which to Hear Live Music

The Launchpad, needless to say. I can highly praise the fact that they have all ages shows, being that I’m in the minority demographic of kiddies who like music. It’s understandable that those over 21 dislike the separation of the bar and the music floor, but they can always come down after they get trashed. The fine acoustic quality of the Launchpad surpasses that of the Sunshine’s so much that the overpriced shows at Sunshine are tremendously deficient.

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