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Kristi Trujillo--Associate Manager At Buffalo Exchange/Clothing Fiend

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Best Way to Spend a Monday Night

Head over to Atomic Cantina and see Heather and Suni host their pop quiz night. If you buy them shots, they might let you win.

The Best Way to Spend the Day After You've Ditched Work/School

First, call a friend who drives a Vespa so that you guys have a mode of transportation on a nice, sunny day. Next have lunch at, let's say, El Patio. Get some margaritas on this hot afternoon and talk about how you want to start your own revolution.

Best Cure-All for Being Sick, Hung Over, Having Allergies, etc.

Go to Frontier and order hash browns with cheese, a side of tortillas, extra honey and get some stew from the pot. Make some mini burritos and you've got instant relief—don't forget the large water.

Best Gas Station Attendant

Brandon at the Isleta One Stop.

Best Place to buy Smart Water, Organic Groceries and See the Hot Boy with Dreads Who Knows Everything You Need to Know About Vitamins and Herbs

Wild Oats

Best Place to Buy Good Jeans (Aside from Buffalo)

My favorite jeans right now are my AG Jeans. I always find a pair that I like at Jack Flash even though I may end up spending my entire paycheck there.

Best Haircut Ever

Jill at Laru Ni Hati, October 2002. But even now, Jill still keeps me looking like a rock star and will also give mullets upon request.

Best Place to Have Your Cowgirl Birthday Party with a Rented Pony


Best Local Artist

Ash Wednesday because two hearts really do beat as one.

Best Place to Hang Out with My Best Friend (Who Now Lives in Portland)

Anodyne where we have shots of Jameson, play pool and listen to Outkast.

Best Dance Partner/Photographer/Drinking Buddy

Heather McGinn

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