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Eric Griego--Vice President, Albuquerque City Council

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Best Economic Development Idea for Albuquerque

To become the renewable energy capitol of North America by 2015.

Worst Place to Hide A Weapon of Mass Destruction

In front of the museum in Old Town.

Best Margarita

Wilder at Univision.

Best Shameless Sabotage of City Taxpayers

The development community's current attempts to kill PGS Impact Fees.

Best Legislation Killed by Industry Lobbying

“Scooby's Law” which would have protected kids and dogs from antifreeze poisoning.

Worst Legislation Proposed in 2004 Session

“Dooby's Law” which would have made it easier to hire cops with a history of marijuana use.

Most Embarrassing Legislation Proposed in 2004 Session

“Luby's Law” which would have limited the number of times certain public officials could visit the buffet.

Best Naked Wrestling Match by a State Legislator

Representative Benji Regensberg and the State Police.

Best Up-and-Coming Political Consultants

Eli Lee and Soltari, LLC.

Best Misguided Political Advice

“Don't Support Kerry—he'll never get the nomination—Dean's the guy.”

Best Place for a Real Horchata

Mexican Restaurant at Bridge and La Vega.

Best Ethiopian Restaurant

We don't have one! Someone help.

Best Place to Take Your Dog

Soon to be renovated Rio Grande Triangle Dog Park.

Best Gaffe at the City Planning Department

Approving, then denying, the parking permit for Graham Central Station.

Best New Downtown Bar for Professionals

The District, great patio and minimal thugs.

Best Use of An Empty Airport Hanger

As a temporary homeless men's winter shelter.

Best breakfast under $3

Café Au Lait, downtown.

Best Hispanic Look-alike for Howard Dean

Marty Chavez.

Best Downtown Dry Cleaner

Route 66—they pick up and deliver for free!

Best Political Soap Opera

Will Ramsey Gorham be able to keep her senate seat and the Republican Party chairmanship? Stay tuned.

Best Bush Joke

“I'll tell ya what—these tax breaks for the wealthy will help the economy and create jobs.”

Best Unconventional Vice Presidential Candidate Kerry Should Consider

Al Sharpton—we may not win, but man would those debates with Cheney make great television.

Best Argument for Supporting City-County Unification

Andrew Leo Lopez is against it.

Best Redevelopment Idea

An ethnic restaurant row along Central Avenue between UNM and Old Town.

Best New Art Project

The amazing fresco inside the torreon at the National Hispanic Cultural Museum.

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