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Best Waiter/Waitress For A One-Night Stand

Michael Henningsen
2 min read
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Uh, congratulations to Amanda, Rory at Applebee's and Virginia at the Ranchers' Club. Remember … safety first.

Best Jukebox

The best jukebox in Albuquerque three years running may be … gasp! … broken. According to a handful of voters, the juke at Anodyne hasn't actually worked for months. Still, the upstairs pool-and-pick-up joint takes top honors here. The machine at Burt's Tiki Lounge takes second place, followed by the glorified CD-changer at Atomic Cantina. In a tie for third, the Owl Café and Stella Blue duked it out until a fourth-place winner could not be readily identified.

Best Pick-Up Line Using The Phrase “Weapons Of Mass Destruction”

This one was just plain stupid. Always has been, always will be. Say “goodnight,” Gracie. So much for the “Creative Class.” Alibi apologizes for asking this question in the first place.

Best Place To Get Liquored During Office Hours

If you're regularly getting liquored during office hours, you may have a little problem they like to call alcoholism. The jury's still out on how to treat that particular affliction (or, if you're a Dr. Laura fan, “matter of self-control”), but while you're still self-medicating in the afternoons, you like to do it at O'Niell's Pub in Nob Hill. Your second choice is Copper Lounge (perhaps because there are no windows?), followed by Alibi Headquarters, home of the refrigerated beer taps at the front of the office. (We are professionals, but mostly drunk-ass professionals.)

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