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Best Summer Camp

Taylor Grabowsky
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“One time at band camp …” Hummingbird Music Camp, a band geek’s paradise, is nestled in the Jemez Mountains. With activities like swimming, art, hiking and game nights, more happens there than just swapping spit and sharing reeds (although we’re sure that happens too).

2) Children’s Choice

3) Albuquerque Academy

Bob: Kiddos Best Place To Take Kids

Want to see some elephants? Cool, got you covered. How about seahorses? Yep, BioPark’s got that too. What about some amazing exotic plants? Sure, no problem. But, fishing, surely you don’t have that? Yeah, they do. The zoo, botanic garden, aquarium and Tingley Beach are all a part of the ABQ BioPark. So whatever floats your boat, the BioPark offers. Just make sure you bring that sunscreen, because most of it is outside and the summer sun can be brutal.

2) Explora

3) Cliff’s Amusement Park

Bob: Kiddos Best Story Time

Local independent bookstore, Bookworks, is easy to miss if you’re not looking hard enough. It’s located in a shopping center on Rio Grande in the Los Griegos neighborhood. But once you go inside, you are met with a friendly, knowledgeable staff and piles and shelves of books as far as the eye can see. On top of that, add great story time for kids, and you’re all set.

Bob: Kiddos Best Museum To Take The Kids

Of course Explora, Albuquerque’s only children’s museum, won the best museum to take the kids. A museum full of hands-on, educational exhibits, Explora is a popular place for families, field trips and the kid in everyone. Once you make a giant bubble at their bubble table, you’ll never want to leave.

2) New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

3) Rattlesnake Museum

Bob: Kiddos Best Kid’s Haircut

If you are looking for something a little more than a bowl cut for your kid’s hair, Albuquerque tied Shear Madness with Jungle Cuts as the best places to go for a kid’s haircut. At Shear Madness, kids have the option of getting their hair cut in an airplane, a car, a police motorcycle and more. Jungle Cuts boasts a play area and TVs at each station.

2) Kidz Place

Bob: Kiddos Best Kid’s Classes

Children’s Choice really lives up to it’s name. Offering diverse kid’s classes like ballet, stop-animation, photography, French and much, much more, your kids will never cry out the oft-dreaded words, “I’m bored!”

2) Keshet/New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

Bob: Kiddos Best Toy Store

Offering up unique and quality toys for over 24 years, Out of the Blue is anything but. Looking for something more than just video games? Out of the Blue has you covered. With collections of fun, educational toys, you’ll never want to shop anywhere else.

2) Toys R Us

3) Bigglesnorts

Bob: Kiddos Best Restaurant To Take The Kids

Did you know that the infamous Chuck E. Cheese band includes an alien/monster whose name is Kizass Muncher? You can see Mr. Munch, along with a wonderful Italian stereotype chef and a dog that plays guitar when you take the whole family to Chuck E. Cheese. Don’t worry, beer and wine are on the menu, in case you need a little help coping with the large animatronic band and the sheer chaos of loose children everywhere.

2) Golden Corral

3) Red Robin/Flying Star

Bob: Kiddos Best Preschool

With a philosophy of equality, Albuquerque Preschool Co-Op aims to teach children with play-based learning, and stands for non-biased, anti-sexist, inclusive learning. We know some adults who could benefit from this …

Bob: Kiddos Best Youth Program

Wrinkle Writing is a truly unique youth program that partners Blackout Theatre professionals with classroom teachers to teach kids how to write and produce their own plays. Aimed at promoting literacy, this program has kids, over the course of a school year, go through the process of making a creative work and then culminates in an end-of-year showcase. If you think your little one might be the next Shakespeare, then support Wrinkle Writing.

2) Keshet Dance Company/Warehouse 508

Bob: Kiddos Best Pediatrician

Finding a great pediatrician can be hard, but Albuquerque has no trouble offering up two great doctors: Dr. Bebe Han (Bebe Care) and Dr. Alwyn Koil (After Hours Pediatrics). With a combined experience of almost 50 years, it’s safe to say that your kids will be in good hands with these pediatricians.
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