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Most Offensive Radio Host

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BOB: Life in Burque
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Fart, poop, boobs, puke, wank, turd, ass, piss … 94 Rock‘s shock jock TJ Trout likes to say all of those words in the morning, in between segments of AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Boston and various other "real rock" acts. Damn!

Jim Villanucci, 3) Buck and Dex

Bob: Life In Burque Best Nonprofit Organization

This all-volunteer, nonpolitical group isn’t affiliated with a religious denomination. It’s just 300 people getting together to make their city better. Last year, the league provided 449 victims of sexual assault with clothing and hygiene kits, weekly tutoring to elementary kids and continued to run the Blue Portal craft shop in Old Town, selling the handicrafts made by seniors.

Peacecraft, 3) Tie: Animal Humane Association, Green Wheels

Bob: Life In Burque Best Elected City Official

Again! You voted the mayor your favorite politico in "The Q" for another year. He must be doing something right. And since Chavez successfully challenged the constitutionality of mayoral term limits, you can vote him best official for the next four years.

Martin Heinrich, 3) Debbie O’Malley

Bob: Life In Burque Most Wasteful Use Of Local Tax Dollars

Love ’em or hate ’em, red-light cameras don’t actually use tax dollars to run. The fines from the cameras more than cover the cost of the operation of the cameras. But if you opened your mailbox to find a pricey ticket, it’s coming out of your paycheck one way or another. Tax dollars? Not exactly. Taxpayer dollars? Absolutely.

Rail Runner, 3) Tie: Giant Pots on I-40, The Campaign to Brand the City " The Q"

Bob: Life In Burque Most Overlooked Issue

With an ever-bubbling battle for control between city administration, Albuquerque Public Schools and state government, readers seem to be saying the quality of education for Burque students is getting lost in the stewpot.

2) Homelessness, 3) Public Transit

Bob: Life In Burque Best New Law

You voted it No. 1 here, but you also put it as No. 2 in the Worst New Law category. Clearly, Burque’s divided when it comes to the stamping out of cigarettes in New Mexico. On one hand, nonsmokers are happier in puff-free environments. But on the other, shouldn’t business owners have the right to decide what legal activities to allow on their properties?

2) Cell Phone Ban, 3) Red-Light Cameras

Bob: Life In Burque Worst New Law

Even though it’s hard to cram red-light cameras into this category—they’re not a law, exactly—there’s enough venom out there that these automated, money-grubbing demons carried the day anyway. There are plenty who have something to say about the cameras: The fines are too high; you can’t appeal to a judge, only a city hearing officer; and no one has proven the cameras lower the number of accidents in the city.

2) Smoking Ban, 3) Cell Phone Ban

Bob: Life In Burque Best Radio Station

Northern New Mexico’s public radio station wins this year. Whether it was its vast news coverage or the eclectic variety of music programming that swayed the community to choose KUNM-FM as its favorite, we think this favoritism is well-deserved.

The Edge, 3) The Peak

Bob: Life In Burque Best Local Broadcast Program

Self-proclaimed "world famous" shock jock slackers Buck and Dex ringmaster "The Morning Edge" over on 104.7 FM. Between blocks of Korn, 311 and Slipknot tunes, the boys interview musicians, actors and mixed martial arts stars; talk about their new tattoos; and generally preside over some good-natured rock ‘n’ roll anarchy.

Jim Villanucci, 3) Cyberage on KUNM

Bob: Life In Burque Least Annoying Tv Personality

Nope, nothing annoying about Steve–just mild-mannered co-anchoring on "Eyewitness News 4 Today." Sure, he might occasionally dress up as Elvis or Martha Stewart or "Arnold Sportsnweather." Sure, he might wear a goofy hat at the Balloon Fiesta. Sure, he might share the screen with the occasional celebrity weather dog. But it’s all in a day’s work for Albuquerque’s grinningest TV personality.

Dick Knipfing, 3) Mark Ronchetti

Bob: Life In Burque Best Use Of Hair On A Tv News Anchor

TV news anchor hair is like a delicate flower: complex, aromatic and beautiful. The blond, cropped coif on KRQE New 13’s morning co-anchor Diane Anderson, with its intricate hues that dance around her face like a waterfall, mesmerizes Albuquerque viewers daily as they try to take in the latest armed robbery.

2) Tie:
Mark Ronchetti, Marisa Maez, 3) Doug Fernandez

Bob: Life In Burque Best Local Commercial

Free Radicals proves that zombies have a more refined sense of fashion than humans give them credit for. The local clothing company’s ad depicts zombies who are conscious enough about their image to stop into Free Radicals for some slick duds before spending the rest of the day chomping flesh. Judging from their attire, the zombies have their priorities in order.

Beaver Toyota, 3) Hiland Frames

Bob: Life In Burque Best Local Sports Team

Head coach Steve Alford and senior forward J.R. Giddens helped infect New Mexico with a case of Lobo fever and it showed on the ballots. Let’s hope Alford’s claim that he’s working to build a quality basketball program, and not just a quality season, is true.

Lady Lobos Basketball, 3) Duke City Derby

Bob: Life In Burque Best Local Athlete

Albuquerque’s own boxing phenom Holy Holm KO’d the competition to become this year’s best local athlete. Perhaps we can affix her award to an oversized boxing championship belt so she can wear it at her next bout.

J.R. Giddens, 3) Brian Urlacher

Bob: Life In Burque Best Local Website

Chantal Foster may not have known how influential would become when she founded it. Loyal readers and comment-posters check in every day as this buzzing community takes on the city, neighborhoods, personal lives, the art and music scene, and politics. Lively discussion ensues.

2), 3)

Bob: Life In Burque Best Blogger

We’re sure there are other reasons you voted Domino in. We’re still all aglow about the title. Be sure to head over to to see what we mean.

2) Tie:
Brian Botkiller, Sophie Martin, 3) Tie: Adelita, Erik the Jewish Viking, Soy de Burque

Bob: Life In Burque Best Dog Park

The renovated Roosevelt Park has a reputation as the prettiest darn grassy knoll in Albuquerque. Despite the unsavory characters that sometimes frequent it at night, Roosevelt’s rolling hills, old-growth shade and sheer size make it a favorite for families, hippies and dog lovers alike.

Hyder, 3) Tie: Bullhead, Unser and Montaño

Bob: Life In Burque Best Outdoor Festival/Parade

Honey, nothing’s gayer than a parade. But only ABQ Pride comes out swinging every June (June 13 and 14 this year) with an unbeatable parade/festival combo that’s purely in the name of love. Awww.

Balloon Fiesta

Bob: Life In Burque Best Allegedly Haunted House

It’s called the Werner-Gilchrist house, and it’s a city landmark for its architecture. It’s also a landmark for plenty of college kids who dwelled among its formerly wild vines and trees. Now the greenery’s been removed and an unnamed buyer purchased the place to restore it and live in it. Watch for the haunts, buyer. Everyone’s got a ghost story about that place.

La Placitas in Old Town, 3) Defunct Sanitarium/Rest Home on Edith and Osuna (3410 Aztec)
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