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Best New Politician

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Best Charity: Roadrunner Food Bank.Volunteer Neil Goldberg sorts donated food. (Eric Williams)
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The fresh-faced congressman representing our city and the rest of CD1 in Washington won this most important race, the one to your hearts. Awwww. So far he’s made good on his promise to support green legislation and cosponsored a bill that would require the United States to get 25 percent of its energy from renewables by 2025.

2) President Obama—he’s not a local politician and this is the Best of
Burque . But whatevs. You love him. 3) Sen. Tom Udall

Bob: Life In Burque Best New Law Or Ordinance

A few of us are now taking our eyes off the road to press the speakerphone button while scanning our perimeters with sketchy, darting eye movements for cops. But law-abiding citizens who ignore their Lady Gaga ringtones while driving are making the wild roads of the Duke City that much safer. Thanks, guys, for making the rest of us look like idi … hold on. We have to take this.

2) Smoking Ban, 3) Red-Light Cameras

Bob: Life In Burque Worst New Law Or Ordinance

Though they made No. 3 on the above "best" entry, most people still detest this unholy alliance of technology and bureaucracy. Stealthfully, impersonally, the tickets slip through the mail. Worst of all, it’s a city employee who hears your plea of guilt or innocence. And who makes money off these things? The city.

2) Smoking Ban, 3) Cell Phone While Driving Ban

Bob: Life In Burque Best Charity

One-hundred-and-seventy million pounds of food. That’s the legacy Roadrunner Food Bank has left thus far in its nearly 30-year career, dishing out that staggering yield of victuals to places like emergency food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens and low-income day care centers. No wonder you voted it your favorite altruistic organization.

2) Animal Humane Association of New Mexico, 3) Watermelon Mountain Ranch

Bob: Life In Burque Best Local Radio Program

Apparently, our readers love KUNM. Indiscriminately. What’s their favorite show on KUNM? Is it "Performance New Mexico," "Native America Calling," "All That Jazz," "Iyah Music Show," "Fresh," "The Coffee Express," "Overnight Freeform"? According to BoB, it doesn’t matter. It’s all good.

2) Jackie, Tony and Donnie on KPEK 100.3 FM, 3) John and the Pop Tarts on KKOB 93.3

Bob: Life In Burque Best Blogger

You’re cold, shivering, even though it’s 90 degrees outside. You haven’t slept in days. Your fingers keep clickity-clacking the air and it’s clear you’re jonesing bad … for blog. And who is there to enable your information addiction? Who will post pontifications about the giant Blake’s man being modeled after Howard Morgan, thus enabling you (in the guise of HotPotato007) to post a comment finally telling the world what you have known all along: that they are one in the same person ? For Burqueños, that pusher is Duke City Fix, with a special shout-out to Adelita, whose musings on this town make you seriously consider getting that “505” tattoo.

2) Eric the Jewish Viking, 3) Joe Monahan

Bob: Life In Burque Best Outdoor Festival Or Parade

Two snaps in a circle for Albuquerque’s Gay Pride Parade! Buy a rainbow assortment pack of highlighters and mark your calendar: The next one’s on Saturday, June 13.

2) Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, 3) New Mexico Wine Festival at Bernalillo
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