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Best Grower’s Market

Desiree Garcia
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Birds are chirping, unnecessarily strong winds are blowing, and nature is flourishing. And do you know why? That’s right! You guessed it! Spring is in the air! And when spring is in the air, Burqueño’s know that the Downtown Grower’s Market is the best place to spend your days outdoors in search of the best produce from the finest New Mexican growers.

2) The Railyards

3) Corrales/Los Ranchos

Bob: Local Flavor Best Abuelita

Best Abuelita
Over the Rio Grande and through the Bosque to Grandma’s house we go!

Bob: Local Flavor Best Produce

Forget those big corporation supermarkets. Locally owned natural food markets are the heart of your shopping needs. Everyone aims to eat the healthiest food that they can but it’s a lot harder than people think. You’re constantly asking yourself “Where should I shop?” and that’s where La Montañita has the stomachs of Burqueño’s in the palm of their hands with their local, fresh and organic produce. We know, we’re drooling too.

2) Downtown Grower’s Market

3) Skarsgard Farms

Bob: Local Flavor Best Lawn Art

Best Lawn Art
These people are soooooo ready for Dia de los Muertos.

Bob: Local Flavor Best Farm

Sometimes life can get a little overwhelming. Maybe your personal life has you on edge and you’re about to pull a 2007 Britney Spears and shave off all your hair. Or maybe you’re stressing out about where you’re going to have that special event you’ve been planning. Whatever it may be, Los Poblanos is voted best farm for a reason. With their lavender fields and cute formal gardens you’ll never want to leave.

2) Skarsgard

3) Red Tractor/Sol Harvest

Bob: Local Flavor Best Hipster Beard

Best Hipster Beard
“I’m a pretty clean eater, so my beard probably just smells like the blood of my enemies, as usual.”

― Eric Hendrixson

Bob: Local Flavor Best Casino Dining

Your nose starts to twitch. You can smell food in the distance. You can feel your stomach shrinking. You’re telling yourself that it’s not possible to be hungry, you just got to the casino. False. You’ve actually been there all day mesmerized by dollar signs. But no worries, Sandia has some of the yummiest food you’ll ever taste at a casino. Gambling isn’t the only way they get you to stay all day.

2) Route 66

3) Santa Ana

Bob: Local Flavor Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever
OMG! Totes magotes BFFs to eternity and beyond.

Bob: Local Flavor Best Casino Slots

Whether you’ve never been gambling, you’re just a beginner, or you’ve been gambling since you’ve been out of the womb, slot machines are the way to go. And in Albuquerque, Sandia Resort & Casino has a lot to offer you. Everywhere you turn, there’s a slot machine reaching for your wallet. Not good at a slot? Pick another. Don’t like a slot? Pick another. Your options are endless. Why else were they voted the best?

2) Santa Ana

3) Route 66

Bob: Local Flavor Best Casino Poker

Poker: The only time it’s socially acceptable to be greedy, manipulative, antagonizing and have resting bitch face in order weasel your way into getting peoples’ money. Where can you sign up, you ask? Sandia Resort & Casino is where. They have the most jackpot payouts in the Land of Enchantment. And if that doesn’t bring out your inner greed demon, what will?

2) Santa Ana

3) Route 66

Bob: Local Flavor Best Local Nonprofit

The Assistance League of Albuquerque shows that a community that cares makes a difference. It offers various programs that are aimed to improve our community. With a solely volunteer-based staff, it’s no wonder why they’ve been voted best local nonprofit. It all starts with a community to change the world.

2) Animal Humane of N.M.

3) Barrett House

Bob: Local Flavor Best Lgbt Leader

When people think of LGBT, it’s often forgotten what the T stands for. Which is why communities need individuals such as Adrien Lawyer to educate the public about the definition and importance of equality for the transgender community. Adrien Lawyer is also a co-founder of TGRCNM, an advocacy group that provides a safe place for homeless transgenders and is also working to fight discrimination toward transgenders.

2) Amber Royster

Bob: Local Flavor Best Environmental Group

Do you love Mother Earth? Do you feel she doesn’t get the credit she deserves for all the hard work she puts into making our planet the only one we can live on? No worries, Sierra Club totally has your back. Do you know why? Because they love the planet and work really hard to protect it! Which is why they’re Albuquerque’s best environmental group to get involved in saving the world.

Bob: Local Flavor Best Group Fitness Class

Sports & Wellness is ready to introduce to you the best fitness class of all time (Kanye West voice) or at least voted the best in Albuquerque by the people, for the people. Strap on your sweatband and get ready to release those endorphins as music echoes in the background. You’ve got the eye of the tiger!

2) Sandia Crossfit

3) Silver Sneakers

Bob: Local Flavor Best Burlesque Troupe

Burlesque isn’t just a striptease show that makes you turn to putty and melt right out of your seat as beautiful girls wearing almost-nothing-outfits prance around the stage in dramatic, yet humorous, acts. Burlesque is also a creative and intense workout; there is choreography that has been recognized as a true theatrical art in Albuquerque–Burlesque Noir’s choreography to be exact.

2) Sugar Babies

3) Paris-A-GoGo/The Dolls

Bob: Local Flavor Best Burlesque Performer

Without the creative genius of Holly Rebelle, Albuquerque would have never experienced its best burlesque troupe, Burlesque Noir. Holly Rebelle has taken Burlesque Noir on the adventure of a lifetime. As our voting polls show, we tip our hats to Holly Rebelle for being the best burlesque performer and exposing us to her … artistic creations.

2) Ashli Mayo

3) Dr. Killgreedy

Bob: Local Flavor Best Drag Queen

She’s beauty. She’s grace. She’s got that contour and those eyebrows on fleek. She steals the spotlight in every performance she’s in. She could crush your heart with the stilettos she runs the stage in. Tequila Mockingbird is Albuquerque’s queen of all drag queens. Why you may ask? Well have you even seen how fabulous she is? Keep slaying, girl!

2) Vanessa Patricks

3) Priscilla Toya-Bouvier

Bob: Local Flavor Best Uber Driver

Uber rides aren’t always small talk and awkward eye contact through the rearview mirror with your driver. Sometimes, when you’re really lucky, the universe aligns and brings you Albuquerque’s best Uber driver in town. I bet you’re wondering what makes this guy the best? Well, we don’t want to ruin it for you and give you all the details. It’s just one of those things you have to experience on your own to really understand.
Best Abuelita

Best Lawn Art

Best Hipster Beard

Best Friends Forever

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