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Best Local Band Overall

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BOB: Music
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2008’s first-place tie for Best Local Band Overall is an indication of the improbably diverse music scene we have here in Albuquerque. On one end, there’s effervescent Gypsy and Western swing ( Le Chat Lunatique). On the other, there’s Cookie Monster belching and thrash metal ( Torture Victim). And in the middle, there’s you—the fan meat in Burque’s musical club sandwich of love.

SuperGiant, 3) The Old Main

Best Dj

Once again, Albuquerqueans emerged in full force to support a disc jockey whose primary audience just may consist of vampires. DJ Kentifyr, master of goth night’s industrial, EMB, dark wave, post-punk, high-stepping dance massacre, is the favorite among creatures of the night.

DJs Brandon and Ethan, 3) DJ Justin Case DJ Justin Case

Best Reggae Band

The sounds of tropical Jamaica translated in the dusty mountains of New Mexico are to locals what marijuana leaf-emblazoned Bob Marley posters are to Coronado Dorm-dwelling UNM freshman: Absolutely vital if you’re gonna be forever loving Jah. Congratulations, Mystic Vision, you’re No. 1!

Crazy Fool

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Mc

It’s not just a name: The 2bers actually spits rhymes to the second power. Dual MCs BlesIIinfiniti and Eph’Sharpe are the lyrical key the live hip-hop group’s infectiously positive flow.

Unusual Content

Best Rock Band

In the interest of full disclosure, two members of SuperGiant work at the Alibi offices. Rather than endure potential cheating accusations, they almost declined the honor. Still, SuperGiant won by a huge margin, and the victory was a complete surprise to its members, who didn’t even campaign for the crown. But it’s probably no surprise to the band’s many loyal fans that hardworking SuperGiant emerged at the top of the heap.

Torture Victim 3) The Old Main

Best Singer-Songwriter

The Duke City’s industrial music scene isn’t huge, but it packs a big punch and singer-songwriter Brian Botkiller is a big reason why. It doesn’t matter if he’s performing solo or alongside his fellow band members in Vertigo Venus, his energy and intensity on stage is palpable and crowds are quick to applaud his passion.

Joel Rogers, 3) Ryan McGarvey

Best New/Emerging Band

Sure, The Old Main is just a few years young, but it’s the melting point of three venerated musical lives: Rod Lacy (ex-Weldon), Zoltan Szekely (ex-Rakes of Mallow) and Mojo Atzberger (ex-Atomic Love Medicine). Roots rock is ageless.

Guyana Roulette, 3) Old Crow

Best Country/Folk/Americana Band

Tappin’ and strummin’ musical apparatuses–possibly barefoot, possibly accompanied by spoons, overalls and moonshine–was this year deemed best done by Old Crow. To them we raise our XX-marked jugs in celebration.

Squash Blossom Boys, 3) Tie: Charmed, Zoltan Orkestar

Best Latin/Traditional New Mexican Band

These guys consistently hover at the top of the best bands in our fabuloso state. ¿Y Por qué? Nosotros is where New Mexico’s cultures merge into one very musical heartbeat, which sounds a lot like salsa, flamenco, jazz, blues and rock.

2) Tie:
Micky Cruz, Son Como Son, 3) Al Hurricane

Best Blues Act

Blues-loving Burqueños found enough time to stop moping around and vote for The Ryan McGarvey Band, now the only Albuquerque blues act without the Best of Burque Blues.

The Memphis P. Tails, 3) Tie: Chris Dracup, Rock Bottom

Best Jazz Act

Many hurrahs and accolades to Albuquerque’s favorite Gypsy jazz/Western swing act–who won in a landslide–for providing sophistication and carefree revelry to the Rio Grande valley. DJ Jazzy Jeff’s got nothing on Le Chat Lunatique.

Best Metal Band

Torture Victim won your hearts with its sick logo, tick-tock tight drums, fully evil vox and fancy shredding. As Compound stalwarts, you, too, can catch the Torture Victim fever almost every month.


Best All-Ages Music Venue

Oh, Launchpad, with your excellent booking, excellent sound system and much-loved environs. The fire at the Golden West may have temporarily blotted out your shows, but the fans know what’s what around here. With security a top priority for the club, all-ages shows are safe, early and a good way for the music-adoring youth of Burque to let off some steam.

Sunshine Theater, 3) The Compound
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