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The Age Of Prehistoric Reader Polls Is Ending Soon

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Best of Burque Restaurants
[url][/url]Yes, the Best of Burque polls close Wednesday, September 20. Time is running out![xurl]
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What’s your favorite New Mexican food? What’s your favorite dinosaur? Ok, now put them together and what do you get? An Enchiladodon? A Chileopteryx? A Tacoraptor? A Sopaipillatops? Awesome! Get ready for the T. Rex of “Best of City” contests: The original Best of Burque Restaurants will be hitting Weekly Alibi racks and website on Thursday, Oct. 12. The polls are open now. Vote on your favorite Frito pie, vegetarian food, Japanese restaurant and local brewery. Let your voice be heard! Voting ends Wednesday, Sept. 20 at high noon. Rawr!
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