Bob: Shoot Me

Best Busker

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Fast Heart Mart doesn’t just talk the sidewalk talk; it walks the sidewalk rock. Rain, shine or mounted horse cops on the street, FHM gives the finger to holding down a job and high-fives the common man with a snare drum and that unmistakable double-necked acoustic guitar.

Bob: Shoot Me Best Tattoo Above The Neck

Sachs tattoo artist John Pricer’s piece “Music Note with Noose” proves music can kill.

Bob: Shoot Me Best Sign

Albuquerque is full of really excellent signs, so finding a No. 1 isn’t an easy or unbiased task. We hope we don’t hurt any of the other signs’ feelings. Really, we love you all. That said, built in the early ’30s, the iconic and kitschy Route 66 lodging establishment the Aztec Motel was nominated for best sign, and we name it winner.

Bob: Shoot Me Best House Not Designed By Bart Prince

Bart Prince may not be the only T-square-inclined citizen of Burque with a dare for flair. Whoever created this ocular confection, we applaud you.

Bob: Shoot Me Best Street

"Home of individualists, musicians and artists on a peaceful dead end" is what a couple folks wrote in their descriptions of this idyllic lane. We think it might also have something to do with Fast Heart Mart’s guitar.

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