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Marisa Demarco—Alibi Staff Writer

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Best Poet

I’ve seen Carlos Contreras perform a lot over the past few years, but at the 2005 National Poetry Slam in Albuquerque, this guy really came into his own. Contreras can slam into silence the rowdiest of crowds.

Best Hairstylist/Barber

Dominic. He’s affordable, talented and fun to talk to. He’s operating out of Ten O Two Park Avenue. Don’t view the mess on my head as an example of his work. I haven’t voyaged for consultation with this hair guru in a while.

Best Item You Can Make Out of a Copy of the Alibi

So hard to pick one. There’s the standard pirate hat. You could stuff your bra with it. And though it’s not a testament to the quality of the writing, you can use your handy Alibi to pack dishes. I do.

Best Bartender

I like bartenders. They’re great people. But my favorite will always be Caroline at Joe’s. Not only does she make the tastiest lemon drop and the spiciest Bloody Mary, but she can also put together a cure for a stomachache using the contents of her bar.

Best Place to See Live Music

Burt’s Tiki Lounge has my heart and, often, a portion of my paycheck. Quick disclaimer: They let my band play there, too. But there’s never a cover, which is great if you want to see a local act you don’t know much about. They bring in lots of good touring bands, and they’ve got a mai tai that packs a haymaker.

Best City Political Stinkeroo

Two snafus typified the biggest problems in the 505. 1) The all-ages show controversy brought much of the music community together, and it put a spotlight on how little there is for people under 21 to do in this town. 2) The Montaño Bridge debate is almost comic bookian in its battle of city bureaucracy and quick fixes vs. village life and rich folk who live on pretty acres near development. Wait. Nix the comic book thing. There are usually good guys in those.

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