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Jeff Drew—Alibi Graphic Designer

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Best Reason to Leave the House

New Mexico itself. We live in a beautiful state. We should get out and enjoy it more.

Best Use of Water

Showering. You stink-sacks know who you are.

Best Place to Smoke Inside

The Anodyne. And you can play a game of pool while you’re at it.

Best Sandwich Downtown

Relish. Let Johnny and Brandon hook you up with their hot roast beef or Cubano.

Best Happy Hour

The one I have on my long commute home after work.

Best Live Theater/Performance Troupe

The Pajama Men. I miss you, Pajama Men.

Best Adult Establishment

How dare you even ask. I wouldn’t know (but Knockouts does have a discreet back entrance).

Best Margarita

The one I’m enjoying right now.

Best Martini

The one I enjoyed right before I started this here margarita.

Best Movie Theater

The Guild. The last of the independents.

Best Independent Bookstore

The Book Stop in Nob Hill. They have a little bit of everything and it’s all used so prices are low.

Best Video/DVD Store

I have to admit I really enjoy being a Netflix member, but Burning Paradise and Alphaville tie for me. It’s so nice to go somewhere where the staff actually has some knowledge of what they’re peddling.

Best Comic Book Shop

Astro-Zombies. Although their selection is a bit smaller than most they always have what I’m looking for.

Best Place to Buy New Musical Instruments/Gear

Grandma’s Music. Again, the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Best Place to take a Flying Leap

The Sandias.

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