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Shani Gallagher—Alibi Account Executive

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Best Bowling Alley

Eu-Can Bowl. I like it because the bowling area is nonsmoking, but you can still smoke in the gallery part. It makes everybody happy. It’s a good mixture for smokers and nonsmokers. And, of course, they have galactic bowling.

Best Wine Shop

Has to be Quarter’s on Wyoming and Montgomery. They have the best prices.

Best Thrift Store

Goodwill in Rio Rancho. They have an awesome selection. They’ll work with you on the price. The staff is really friendly, and the place is clean.

Best Place to Buy New Musical Instrument or Gear

Studio-D. They are so cool. First of all, they have a great selection. Their prices are totally affordable. The salesperson made me feel better. He’s really honest and not trying to upsell me.

Best Mechanic

I’m extremely passionate about this. It’s called Hometown Automotive and Tire. It is usually an oxymoron to say that a mechanic is honest. The owner, Stacey Spurlock, he’s just the best. He takes time to explain everything to you. He doesn’t treat me different because I’m a woman. He’ll actually call around right in front of you for the best price on parts and stuff. He has a great rapport with all the people that work with him. And all of his mechanics treat the customer the same way that Stacey treats people. They’ll take time. And he stands behind his stuff. If he sells you something, he tells you there’s a 90-day warranty. He’s a really great mechanic.

Best Hot Wings

Billy’s Long Bar. They’re 25 cents apiece. They go from mild to nuclear, and you can actually get high from the nuclear ones. They’re so good. They put you in another world.

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