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Teresa Alcala—Alibi Classified Sales Representative

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Best Radio Personality

Donnie Chase. I listen to the radio all the time. I think morning shows with him are funny. He’s just a funny guy. I like it when he gets together with the husband-and-wife team on The Peak.

Best Bar

Copper Lounge. Because it’s where my friends go, and I like how it’s laid-back. You sit in a booth and vegetate. It’s not that crazy. Most people think it’s a dive bar, but it’s pretty cool. Nice and clean. Good waitresses.

Best Karaoke Bar

Sneakerz. There’s nothing like a bunch of drunken sports guys singing, especially when they break out “Feelings.”

Best Venue to Hear Live Music

That’s a tie between The District and Ralli’s. I like that The District is giving a lot of young bands a chance, whereas the other bars are like, “sorry.”

Best Movie Theater

The Guild, of course. Anyone who has Bruce Campbell has my heart. He came down and showed Man With the Screaming Brain. He’s such a funny guy, and he’s so truthful, too.

Best Local Band

Either Torture Victim or The Gracchi. Torture Victim — angry, young, metal. They’re pretty funny, and they’re pretty lively, too. The Gracchi — they’re jumpy, happy punk.

Best New Band

Axsom. They’re a bunch of 19- and 20-year-olds who play ’80s hair band metal. I don’t think any of them would even remember that music. But they’ve got the hair, the movements, the V-style guitar. They’re a trip to watch.

Best Vintage Clothing Store

Goodwill. It’s the real thing. It’s not just manufactured to look old. And it’s affordable, which for some of us is a top priority.

Best Massage Therapist

G Love, our lovely Gloria Kelly. Gotta plug the multitalented Alibi folk.

Best Mechanic

Brandon Roukers. He’s only 19, but he’s actually pretty good. And he’s a cutie for all the young ladies. He’s also guitarist for Axsom.

Best Song About Menstruation

That song by the Hollis Wake.

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